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  • Mercedes Comand APS Engineering Menω.

    A couple of information about this mode:
    It can be activate on 203's Comand by presssing at the same time and holding down for some seconds Mute +Phone Down+Serv.
    On W211 the sequence is Mute + Eject + midle right softbutton
    on some other units different combination may work. Try:
    - MUTE + 3 + 4 +5
    - Phone Down + 1 + 3 + 6
    - 1+6+4+3
    - mute + phone down + serv
    - mute + 3 +4 +6
    - mute+357
    There are a lot of things you can do.
    1 for all:
    Go to Diagnose
    Scroll down to find "Set Variant"
    select the last one: (it is a Smart)
    At this time swich off and extract the key. You have to wait until the MOST goes down(the instrument cluster goes off)
    Insert the key and keep looking at comand screen.

    If you select 251 version, you are able to find a new navigation mode named OFFROAD, very nice, with steering angle altimeter and compass, plus position.

    Keep in mind that when you let most go off again, the information will return the original ones, and you losto the mod.

    I am sure that is possible to lock the change and enable mp3 and dvd from this menω. look at this:

    The image in the link shows a group of 3 function that are:
    Dr.Dist(Driver Distraction) this function is able to avoid TV off at ten Kmh
    BackDoor: Not sure of the function
    RegCode: this is the item that can manage the reginal setting. You can fix the modification of your Comand version from Here.

    I have found that in some version of comand holding for more than 10 seconds the following key combination while in engineering mode, you can access these functions:
    * +# + Arrow on the left (in the right navigation pad)
    1 +3 +Arrow on the left
    1 +3 +9

    on my 203 of 2005 none of these combination works.
    it may be a good thing if someone can help me to find the right one for my 203.

    Anyone has other informations to share?

    A good stuff is the demo mode in navigation that is accessible in 203 / 2005 comand.
    go to nav screen
    press 5 and hold it while you press NAV again. Hold the keys until you enter in a large section of hidden function:
    • Demo Mode
    • Fill destination > fills "last destination memory" with examples.. in germany.
    • ACLine speller > Brings up the address entry window?
    • Task info > Big list of task (just info not selections).
    • Version Info > A list of loads of items with sequential numbers to the left. I.e. Rbolo 1.86 (4), Rom Null??
    • Gps > info on the gps readings; all results no selection.
    • Sensors > Backward: Gal; 0/0 gyro ; -10 magazine 0/0
    • Language > List of languages, change this to set speaking language.
    • Set metrics > Speaks for itself. km,m or Miles,ft or Miles, yards
    • VDR test > ?? test something I dont know??
    • Calibration > Just says current map with a set option.. set just gives me error.. Yeah im stupid enough to try it.
    • Map colour > Obvious gives you two extra options for night and day colours.. seem very bright to me, maybe for the visualy impaired.. hope they are not driving.
    • Default country > get option Canada, hawai, US.. this doesnt change if i change language.
    • Flash file status > List of DAT files XXXXX.DAT
    • Start nav update > Just flashes, then back to menu???
    • Version Info > comprehensive list. you can choose details on some of these and get further info of vesion; also a long number at the top superceding no.4?? not selectable.
    • test spell match > brings up request param entry bar and send option??
    • Most perform test >looks very interstin not had time to play. has Start, MPH, Async, Control. Tried MPH then it timed out.. maybe cos i wasnt moving??
    • RTE CALC starting point > simply says destination on map and option to set.. couldnt figure it out??
    • Intersection zoom > Sounds cool and obvious.. need to try it while moving

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    On my new 320 cls W219 oct,2006 with Comand APS and DVD rel.5.0 none of the upper key combination produces the engineering mode entry. I read something about this discussion and I found people that surely know the trick. So the trick is still there. I'm sure that the entry mode has NOT been removed, but only changed in a way similar to previuos ones. It's a matter of time... Anyone has suggestions?


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      Eng. menu and class R

      Hi Flavio,

      I have the same problem with my class R (october 2006).

      Anybody found the solution?


      PS. sono italiano anch'io