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Idea? Dynamat/dynomat hdd subs

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  • Idea? Dynamat/dynomat hdd subs

    Well im finally about to make my purchases for the hardware i need to build my car computer when the age old question came to me again? Would my subs affect my hard drive?
    Would sound damping material such as dynamat or dyno whatever it is help protect my harddrive? I had the idea of lining the place where i plan to put my car/puter with this stuff since the only place i could place it in a firebird is in the so called trunk?

    comments ideas

    "******ing here plz"
    Case built and working
    Amptron 586 motherboard onboard snd/vid/lan (purchased)
    200mmx processor (already have)
    5g harddrive (already have)
    Two 4x40 lcds (future)

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    Dynamat is a good idea to get rid of vibrating from bass in the car, but i dont think it will help a lot for the pc/hard drive. The main reason i think this is because it gets rid of small vibrations. Yes it will help, but i dont know if its worth the money. The thing you want to do is stop all sound waves, and not just low level vibrations. Im guessing that dynamat would be great for the car, but you may want to line the hd with some foam type stuff. Kind of like the foam they use in recording studio's and sound booths. Dont take my word for sure, but i bet this would be better than nothing at all. From what i hear people dont have many problems with subs and hard drives. I have an 8" next to mine and it doesnt hurt it, but then again you can never be too safe.
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      I read through the last discussion on padding HD's, and here's what I take from it:

      Most HD's can take a 100g shock for a split second (ie- dropping from 4 inches onto a table) and be just fine. That basically means that you don't have to worry about the subwoofers themselves doing any physical damage to your drive. You -DO- have to worry about your HD "rattling" against any harness system or hard surface that you mount it on/near. Each tapping could be as forceful as 150g's and having it rattle repeatedly = HD death.

      As for shock protection against bumps, the concensus is DO NOT PAD YOUR DRIVE - the padding will cause any shock to be reflected back into the drive (very bad thing)

      One last thing you need to worry about is Magnetic field influence. Keep that hard drive away from the sub's magnets.
      HD + magnets also == very bad thing.

      every design that I've seen reviewed here where they wanted to put something in the subwoofer's box has been thumbs down'd.