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Carputer caught dealer "playing" in my car!

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  • Carputer caught dealer "playing" in my car!

    My car was in the dealer for a prolonged test to try to find a hard to duplicate problem.

    When I got the car back, I decided to look at my FreeDrive logs, and found out that the tech had decided to drive my car 106MPH. I took a screenshot of the log and brought my laptop with me so I could show the logs to the Service Manager. The tech got suspended w/o pay for 2 days, and the issue was taken care of to my approval.

    Has anyone else used their carputer to catch someone doing something that they shouldn't with their car?

    So this just goes out as a thanks to everyone who I posted things on this board that helped me with my carputer over the past year and half. You all helped me catch people abusing my car, and my trust.

    Moral of the story....Don't **** with a tech!

    Heh, and I think that people at that dealership will be afraid to work on my car now. Knowing that it's watching them

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      What type of test/repair was your car in for? Maybe it was needed to drive it for so many miles in order to duplicate the problem?

      Although on the flip side I have a friend who is a Toyota Master Tech and he always cruzes customers cars to lunch and stuff. "road test" he calls it.. And of course he always rips all their CD's to his laptop.. But I'll give him this, the guy is a damn good tech.
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        Corporate policy states that they can't excede the speed limits to diagnose a problem. The car was supposed to be driven on cruise for a prolonged period of time to try to diagnose a torque converter lockup solonid problem.

        It wasn't that they drove the car a long distance, it's that they drove it at 106 Miles Per Hour!


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          that is freakin awesome!
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            i love that haha!


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              sweet.. i must get that.. even though i do all my own work on my car....
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                Originally posted by fooshizn1x
                What type of test/repair was your car in for? Maybe it was needed to drive it for so many miles in order to duplicate the problem?
                Reminds me of a comic strip I saw many years ago in a comic magazine called CARtoons...
                A gu gets pulled over and explains to the cop, "The boss said to rotate the tires. Rotating them at 90mph was my idea."
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                  That is very cool.
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                    very nice!

                    I usually turn my computer off when I take it in. I'm paranoid about someone wanting to **** with it. But....this would be a reason to leave it on!

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                      You are my hero.
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                        I turned off my monitor so that they wouldn't know it was running. I also have a manual power switch in parallel with the OPUS going to the headers on the Mobo, and I think that next time I'm going to unhook that switch so that they can't turn it off even if they try


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                          Normally I shut it down for short check up like oil change and such.
                          But if I have to leave it overnight, I'll spend 30 minutes to take the PC and the screen out.
                          Time to make Access Control to work again. It's time to log what the f they do to the car. Dealer service is one minor thing. Valet parking is the worst.
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                            I always unplug my carPC when I take it to the dealer. It would be too tempting for me not to play with something like that, let alone them.

                            But NICE catch!!
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                              nice to know my logging came in handy :-)

                              lol bet u were more chuffed u had caught them rather than them actually doing 106 in your car..
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