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Help! I'm soooo confused w/ the audio?!

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  • Help! I'm soooo confused w/ the audio?!

    So I'm on my 3rd motherboard/2nd stick of ram/2nd power supply and 2nd cpu.. yea.. anything I order seems to useless/broken. I am always messing with computers and such but this one just REALLY does not want to be built.. Anywho.. my problem is the sounds. I'm so lost. I have a pioneer cd player that I ordered a IP-BUS addapter to RCA adapter so I can plug in my carputer. So when it came in I tested it out w/ my sisters portable cd player. Worked great. Well this last motherboard is a joke but atleast it works. Anywho I can't install the onboard audio drivers b/c as soon as its almost done the computer reboots.. No biggy.. so I pull out my like '86 sound card. Plug it in/ test it w/ my comp speakers and everything works fine and clear. Go to install my carputer and hook up the audio and I get NOTHING. I got this stereo to RCA adapter from radio shack that dosent work.. So i pulled out this wire that is the same thing.. spliced it and all...

    ok here is where im sooo confused. IF i attach any wires I get massive static and just a little music.. And i mean little little.. If i just hold both sides of the wires i dont get much feedback but the sound is still REALLY REALLY low. What do i need to get/do?!

    What I dont understand.. what is different from a computer to a mp3 player to a portable stereo player.. Amp? but a mp3 player dosent do that but I have yet to try one.. IDK I have no clue why I cant get ANY sound yet why EVERYTHING is almost pure static?!

    HELP!!! This project is really really becoming frustrating.. I just want my sound ==\\

    Oh yea.. another problem. I get waves like in my monitor. Something like that is usually caused by the wires by a power wire or something.. Yea well I completely moved it from any wires but yet i still get it w/ my lilluput?! Is it b/c im using the cig lighter for power?!?

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    Is it possible that the '86 sound card is self-amplified as opposed to a regular line-out. A lot of older sound cards were meant to plug directly into un-amplified speakers. If thats the case, it could cause all kinds of wierd problems with the audio. It is wierd, though, that it's quieter. You would think it would be audio overload if that was the case. Also, did you disable your on-board audio in the BIOS? It's not still the primary sound device is it?

    Also, the lines on your display are probably caused by a difference in ground. If the computer is grounded in one place and the monitor in another (cigarette lighter), it would cause some voltage to trickle toward the better of the two grounds. If you have some alligator clips (you pot head), try clipping one to the cassis of the screen and the other to where ever the computer or inverter is grounded. If you're using an inverter, be sure to also ground it's chassis. That will reduce a lot of potential noise. Many of these inverters have a little nut on the edge for a "reference ground". This should be grounded wherever most of your other devices are grounded.

    Your best bet with the display, though, is to hard wire it in. You can do this behind the radio. Then just run one wire (the guage isn't too important) from the ground behind the radio, to the ground that the computer or inverter uses. This will give any extra voltage a new pathway to the better ground, besides over your VGA cable. It'll also help reduce noise to the radio. You may also find out that with it hard wired behind the radio, it may reduce the interference as it is.

    P.S. Just get an SB Audigy. It's worth it. If you have a substantial audio system, you can't live without it. It's just a plain out louder card than any of the on board or AC '97 cards, and it's the only one I could get to play well below 20Hz.