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Control hydraulics with the computer? Sounds like fun.

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  • Control hydraulics with the computer? Sounds like fun.

    I have a friend with a van that he put hydraulics in. He wants a CarPC for it and for some reason the first thing I thought was, "Why keep using switches for the draulics when you can use the comp?"

    Check this link out:

    You can do a lot more than hydraulics with this thing, I'm sure. Maybe door locks, windows, etc. Just seems like a cool idea.

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    I have one, i will sell you. Its brand new. By mistake i ordered two and one need for extra one.


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      Not yet, this guy is going to be a while before he gets to that. He has a '64 Impala eating at his finances at the moment. How much did you want for it, anyway? My driver side window switch is busted and what better time to give this a test? The relays need to be DPDT (controll two wires at once) in order to operate a window. I've seen a controller that does this but I don't think the one I linked to does.


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        $50 shipped becauase i paid $67 shipped and i didnt even use it.


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          Just added you to my buddy list so I can find you later. Right now I'm strapped for cash, but if some big checks come in and I have a bug up my butt, I'll give you a shout.

          I appreciate the offer!


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            Nice find, might be something i'll invest in when I can.


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              Looks intersting...

              So, if I read this correctly, you could make a shortcut on the desktop, click it (touch it) and turn on a dome light or some other 12v low power gadget? Up to 8 relays / shortcuts?

              Or is it a bit more complex than that??
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                Well, the relay controller comes with a software program you can use, but it's too generic to be considered pimp. To control the relays, you send strings of data out of the serial port to switch them on and off. You could make a program in basic that would do that, it would be a simple program that would check the status of one relay. If it's on, switch it off. If it's off, switch it on. So, yeah, you could do that. My idea would be to make a customized program in visual basic, or if you really know how to program, C++.

                Lets say your hydraulics have a switch for see saw motion. To do the see saw, you have to switch it back and forth manually so that you don't overwork you hydraulic pumps (hold it too long and you'll hear a bad noise). In visual basic, I would make a button that would start the motion forward and back based on timers in the program. I would make an options section in the program where, depending on the vehicle, you set these timing options and set the names of these different motions.

                Power windows are a little more complex, though. With this particular device, it would claim two relays to put the window up and two relays for down per window. That's where it would be nice to have DPDT relays (double pull double throw [I believe]). These control two wires at once which means then it would take one relay for up and one relay for down. They also make more expensive ones that you can link together for a whole lot more relays. This one can be linked for up to 16 relays, which is just enough for 4 windows. Or a dome light, door locks, trunk, sub amp toggle, etc. Up to sixteen devices that use only one relay. For the trunk and such, you would want it programmed to flip the relay for no more than one second, and then back off. Then the dome light, on if it's off, off if it's on.

                I like your idea for easy access. One program for all idea is flawed because who the hell wants to leave some visual basic program open while they're listening to WinAmp? I mean, it's not a terrible thing, but it just doesn't seem like it would be as seemless as just having icons on the desktop. Not to mention, you could make your own icons for each one. It would be cool to have a trunk icon on the desktop that would pop the trunk.

                Better yet, though. What if you had cellular internet? I know it would'nt be static IP but you could make a program to contact a website and send it's IP there. Then you could check the site for the IP and open your trunk from the home or office computer! I know it seems a little useless, but these are just simple ideas to work with. Besides being useless, it's just plain cool.

                In either case, I'm used to useless. I've had my MediaPlay mouse forever and I knew that when I got my touchscreen, I would still use the mouse more often. If you don't have a MediaPlay mouse from Logitech, do yourself a favor and go hit up Circuit City for one. It's $50 and I'd be surpised if you use you touchscreen hardly at all any more.

                P.S. This thing is rated up to 250V! You could turn on a TV with this thing.