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How do i strip paint from a bumper?

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  • How do i strip paint from a bumper?

    Not really sure if this belongs in Fabrication or here or what, but here goes...

    I've got a factory bumper for my car from another year that I want to strip and re-paint. It's currently black, and I need it silver. I don't feel like paying someone else to do it, and with the number of other scratches/chips on the car, I don't care if it looks pro or not, as eventually the whole car will get refinished.

    What i need to know is what the best method is for getting the old black paint off the bumper. It has to be safe for use on an urethane bumper if it's chemical stripper. If you have a link that shows how to do **** like this, it would be appreciated as well


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    your better off not trying to strip it. You should scuff the entire painted surface with 600 grit sandpaper and then a red scotch brite pad and then repaint over it. Feel free to contact me if you need more info.


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      dont forget to lay on plastic primer first, if you plan to sand down to plastic itself, before you put your paint on.


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          Strip it. Aircraft Remover works great. It will burn clear through your epidermis in about sixty seconds, but I've never seen it harm a bumper.


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            yes please be careful as that stuff will do quite the damage to your body