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    Well.. Been here a long time, and now with my fresh format in the truck I'm looking around for complete solutions for all the nifty things we can do with our boxes. What I would like to see is a list (sticky?) of things that we can do with our computers, things we would LIKE to do with our puters, and what is required for them all beyond the standards like GPS, WiFi and whatnot.. I'm thinking more advanced things in a less poke and prod methodology to a how-to solution.

    Incar light show.
    Hardware Required: Suchandsuch relayandLEDbox from www.whatever.bogus
    Software Required: Hotmonkey's Winamp to serialport plugin mammajamma

    THings *I* am looking for.
    1. A IR transciever to control other pieces of hardware.
    2. A relay box to control things like lights etc. I know about the hardware but what about the software? What do I use to control it all?
    3. A live map of wireless APs that showup when detected. I know this exists in Mappoint and netstumbler, but what about a solution in the more real life price range. Like the Delorme I already own?
    4. Full on voice recognition. Think "Computer!, Stealth Mode" Relays open, lights cut out, etc..

    So far thats it in my mind. I can handle most of the hardware problems but the software/front end is beyond me.