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Multizone capable PC...?!#ARGH

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  • Multizone capable PC...?!#ARGH

    Right, so I've got the basics down. Audio/Video playback functioning fine, GPS sorta working (although I still prefer the Pioneer AVIC interface in my wife's Ford), WiFi connectivity and lots of other bells'n'whistles...

    Now, before I started with this CarPC stuff I had a Kenwood system in the vehicle. This had proper multizone entertainment where I could navigate and listen to some tunes in the front, whilst the passengers in the back could watch some pr0n on the headrests or play a game on the XBox.. How the #!?+!# do I do this with a PC???

    I've got a nvidia graphicscard with dual outputs, so I've wired up the second output to my headrests and roof-mounted LCD's. I've got a second soundcard for use by the rear-zone headphones and assigned the app I'm using to only output to that card.

    I've setup the nvidia config to automatically show the applications I'm running on the appropriate outputs. This works, although there is flickering desktops and crap on bootup.. Fine, I can live with that as I use hibernation to shut-down anyway.

    Using touch-screen in the front to control this stuff, works ok, I've got a command screen for the rear-zone including DVD, MP3, GPS Map, Camera etc and whenever I click on an icon it'll send a message to the application telling it what to do.

    What I would like though, is for the passengers to choose their own 'poison' as they could with the Kenwood system. Suuure, I could wire up the rear-console buttons to a serialport and watch out for messages received, then relay the correct message to the application and voila it works. But how about using...

    ...touch screens in the rear? I'd love to exchange the headrests with touchscreens and let the passengers be able to click and touch lol - I've had two and even three USB mice connected to the same computer before, and it works... ...sorta, as long as only one is in use at any one time, otherwise there's a pulling contest between them and the pointer pretty much doesn't move at all... anyone got any ideas on how to solve this one?

    I'm sure there must be other users on here wanting to run, or already successfully running multizone entertainment via the use of PCs. I did a few searches on multizone, multi-zone and "multi zone" but all I gots back was a handful of posts about DVD players and crap.... so, come on, how have you guys solved this?

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    Run multiple instances of RR

    Here is a link:
    TruckPC - gutted, being used for test setup
    BoatPC - All in 1 in cuddy, N7 using VNC on dash, RR
    BlazerPC - Nexus 7 with Timur's USBROM