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  • Computer In A Bike - Pictures Inside

    Sorry for the crappy pictures, but I saw this in a magazine... It caught my eye because it was a Lilliput screen on a motorcycle.... Very cool idea...

    Carputer Progress
    [||||||||||] 100%
    Finally Installed!!
    Everything is in the car and working.
    I painted the cilpboard mount and it looks good.
    Shutdown/Startup is working excellent!
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    Do you use your nose to push the buttons???
    Fusion Brain Version 6 Released!
    1.9in x 2.9in -- 47mm x 73mm
    30 Digital Outputs -- Directly drive a relay
    15 Analogue Inputs -- Read sensors like temperature, light, distance, acceleration, and more
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      Riding a motorcycle is dangerous enough, (I've been riding for years). Do yourself a favor and skip the comp in the bike, us riders know we have enough to pay attention to with all the 4-wheeled demons controlled by cell-phone obsessed, make-up applying, idiots that don't pay attention to anyting when they are driving. Besides, theres really no way to completely secure the screen.
      Check out the updates. Project 2003 Dakota worklog:



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        It could be a trailer queen show bike that never gets ridden.

        It still looks silly, IMHO.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          good idea for when ur stopped, especially on a long trip. as long as ya dont use it when ur riding (duh!!).
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            that's honestly one of the most ridiculous ideas I've seen.

            There was a guy on here a while back that did it in a Ninja 500 (maybe a 250?) his excuse was that it was some sort of EMT thing, I dono.

            When you're on a bike, you're on a friggin bike! You don't get on a bike to worry about other things, you get on a bike to GET AWAY from other things.

            Leave the bike for it's intended
            Jan Bennett
            FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

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