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  • Extra attention???

    I've been on this board a bit, but I don't remember a similar post (I could be way off), so I'm gonna ask (besides there's been so many new members since I've joined).

    Has anyone noticed any extra attention to their cars with the a LCD installed? I'm talking in the "real" world, like while driving in your area.

    I get some SUV's, trucks, and vans mostly (I guess cause they can see down into my cabin) that point and stare when I have the LCD on. I even get some people that are so intrigued they follow me. One or two actually stopped me and said "nice car, I like the tv in there!" (TV, yeah right...that's what it is). Most people think it's factory I guess since it doesn't slide out or anything.

    Gotta love the looks when people see the starting windows logo! I get that everytime I'm in a parking lot getting read to drive off.

    I surely don't mind it, I think it's cool. I'm just wondering if anyone else gets this?

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    Well actually...

    ...Allright... I'm gonna come clean here... (no pun intended ) The local Vancouver boys on this board who know the area, are just gonna howl at this one...
    Right after I got my DVD software installed last summer, I took the car for the obligatory "test drive" one sunny Saturday morning. After cruising down Hwy 10 from Cloverdale towards "the tunnel", I pulled over at the Esso station just before the merge onto Hwy 99, to switch DVDs... Just for kicks, I popped in "A Girl's Affair #16" (ROTFLMAO!...). Heading into the tunnel, there was a 30-something yuppie'ish couple behind me in a new BMW roadster with the top down...heh heh heh (Still LMAO here...) As I looked in the rear-view mirror, I could see the chick (please excuse the non-PC term) in the passenger seat giving the driver the old "nudge, nudge, tug-on-the-shoulder, look at that, look at that" routine, while feverishly pointing at the 5"color LCD screen on my dash... CLEARLY visible through my back hatch window.
    I glanced back at the screen, and there in plain, close-up, "money-shot" view, was one chick "orally pleasuring" another.
    Having noticed that they seemed to be able to see what was on my screen, I proceeded to remove all doubt by cranking up the volume. (LOL!) Ooooooh's and Aaaaaaah's echoed inside the tunnel !!! LOL!!! It was hillarious!
    Although most of my video playing since that day has been quite a bit more tame than *that* feature film, I still get quite a few stares. People seem to be quite intrigued with WMP and Winamp visualizations as well.
    Well, I hope you enjoyed reading my confession as much as I enjoyed telling it

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      Hahah Great story. My friend was telling me about driving downtown and noticed some dude with headrest LCDs playing a movie from the same section of the video store lol.

      Here's another good one I found through searching the forum:

      Originally posted by: moossmp3

      Many of you probably have experiences where you amaze people with your car mp3 setup. Well it's not always so rosy as I found out.

      Yesterday I went in to get a smog check for my car. The guy was an oriental immgrant not very good with English. As he was testing my car he noticed my mp3 gear and asked me what it was. I told him it's like a car stereo so please dont touch it. I have a 5.6 LCD on a gooseneck sticking out from floorboard. Pretty standard setup among the mp3car crowd, but surely a funky looking contraption to the uninitiated.

      Anyways he decided to disregard me and proceeded to mess with it, trying to take it apart or something. I got mad of course and firmly demanded him to stop. He then told me that he is going to fail my smog check because I have a computer connected to the engine. I kept trying to explain to him that it wasnt like that but he insisted using his pidgeon English that he is going to fail me and I should contact my employer so that he can come in and explain this 'engine computer' to him, then he started typing on the smog machine, apparently to fail me. At this point my top was blown off and I snatched my papers and tried to drove away, giving him a healthy dose of the American vocabulary. The owner and some other guy rushed out as I was cussin and kicked my car then dragged me out of my car, ripping my shirt. Eventually the police came and dismissed us for this 'dispute arising from misunderstanding' but man what a day for me.

      I can see why the guy freaked out; he probably have thought my setup was some kind of illegal engine hack to pass the smog test. But c'mon, isn't mp3 a household word now? Well actually as I was explaining to the police officer I asked him whether he knows anything about mp3 and he answered:
      "Well not sure about mp3, but I know somethn about mp5. Are you carrying firearms?"
      Here's the thread:

      I doubt I'll ever have this problem. Everyone's who's seen it says it looks stock. No wires hangin' or tripods.

      Keep 'em comin!
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        the best story I can tell doesnt involve images on a TFT (well not yet, the TFT collecting dust in my room will be installed once my new VB mp3car app is done!) but instead is in regards to sound output...

        anyway was driving down one fine, sunny saturday afternoon to meet friends at a mates holiday house down on the coast for some alcohol fuel mayhem (you get the idea). windows down, music cranked, in a good mood cause its the weekend - you get the idea.

        pull up to some lights with some very bassy dance music playing. A P-plater commodore driver (if your living in Australia you know the type of wannabe driver im talking about!) with his girlfriend pull up behind me.

        Next thing I see from my rear vision is the girl pointing at my car, I think for a second then realise that she is pointing at my 'lucky dice' hanging from my rear vision mirror (you can see em in my car pics!) which have this habbit of jumping around like crazy with some heavy bass! The two talk for a bit, then to cap it off the driver opens the door, gets out of his car and starts to listen to the 'thump-thump-thump!'. At this point I am nearly in tears, the lights turn green and I drive off!

        obviously I embrasseded him in front of the girlfriend with my music and dancing 'lucky dice' making his low-fi commodore stereo look bad! ha!

        thats probably the best story I can formulate 'pre TFT'
        Project - GAME OVER :(


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          Re: Extra attention???

          Originally posted by ppgt94
          Has anyone noticed any extra attention to their cars with the a LCD installed? I'm talking in the "real" world, like while driving in your area.
          Nope, definately not. I go out of my way to conceal what I have (the display is tucked away in my ashtray, and the computer is under my dash). After lots of attention, the next thing is that they're gonna want it, and that means broken windows, locks, etc.

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            Re: Re: Extra attention???

            Originally posted by Rob Withey
            Nope, definately not. I go out of my way to conceal what I have (the display is tucked away in my ashtray, and the computer is under my dash). After lots of attention, the next thing is that they're gonna want it, and that means broken windows, locks, etc.

            So you never use your display while driving? Must be hard to navigate through songs, huh?

            Ok, ok...I'm being a smart-***, but I think you missed the question here. I'm talking about WHILE DRIVING. Not sitting in a parking lot unattended.

            My computer is hidded also. Only for asthetic purposes though, but if anyone would go through the trouble of strealing it I sure feel bad for them. You probablyi couldn't get $100 for it all lol!

            My display though is another thing. Most theives aren't very intelligent (at least not ones in our area, which may be like two - I live in a small town) they would have no idea what to do with it. I have a LCD module, it's not in a nice plastic casing or anything, it's literally imbedded INTO my cars dash. This not only makes it less desiarble (as they wouldn't find it easily sellable at a local swap shop) but also makes it look factory. Like I said I get lots of comments people saying things like "Wow, how much is it for that option?" so I'm not too concerned.

            BUT...anyways lets get back to the topic at hand! Let's hear some stories! - Besides - I was looking for responses from people with full screen, color LCDs. TFT, VGA, etc...
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              I have noticed a few looks on the road, but usually they get over it pretty quickly. I've seen people look while I'm stopped at red lights, and sometimes they like to drive in my blind spot to look at the screen.

              I've got a separate power switch for the LCD, so I can turn it off while still listening to music. This comes in handy when the police are around. It's not illegal to have a computer monitor in view while driving in TX, but it is to have a TV monitor in view while driving. And I'd rather just avoid getting pulled over at all.

              The only really cool time that someone commented on it was when I was in the drive-through line at a Wendy's, and someone actually walked up to my car to ask me about it. (the system wasn't even on at the time, but the LCD is in a pod on the dash, and this guy actually recognised it as an computer system). So I demoed it for him, and he thought it was cool.


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                That's awesome. Oh man, I can't wait till I get pulled over for this lol. A lot of people are ignorant though and are going to think it's just a "TV screen" which is the biggest thing I get. Thats the one reason I'm scared for getting pulled over. But I will argue my ticket in court (if I ever get one). My system also is setup for GPS so I think that's legit.
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                MKIV VW Jetta
                How do I get sound to my car?


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                  I know...this thread hasn't had a post in over a week but...

                  I don't have my screen in yet but I was picking up food at Carrabas the other night at the drive up door and this very nice looking waitress brought my food out and took my CC inside to charge my food. When she came back out she said "Can I ask you a question?"


                  "Why do you have that number pad thing inside your car?"

                  I explained some of the control stuff and demoed it for her and told her the screen wasn't in yet but it would be soon.

                  So, she replied with something to the affect of "Wow, that's so cool. Maybe the screen will be in when you come back and you can show me the rest of it."


                  I drove off and thought, "If only I wasn't married and had kids...I'd still be the same geek trying to finish my carputer." LOL
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