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playing mp3 on an ipaq over a network?

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  • playing mp3 on an ipaq over a network?

    a friend of mine has an ipaq pda and a laptop, each with wireless network cards. the laptop is plugged into a hifi. what program/ or winamp plugin can he use to control what is playing with the pda? ive had a quick search on but with out the ipaq i cant really try any.

    has anyone done anything like this? and if so what program/ plugin did you use??

    thanks kardas

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    no one??

    come'on someone here has to have remote controller antother computer from their pda???



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      I am planning on doing just what you are talking about I think. There is a small cash flow problem at the moment but its coming.
      Here is what I have and what I want to do.
      I have a bookpc in the jeep that has a USB proxim device (uses RF for wireless, cheap $15 will upgrade to 802.11 if distance becomes a problem).
      Also IPAQ 3850. Still need to get the PCMCIA jacket and matching proxim card for that.
      I have a VB app controlling winamp so I was thinking I would add the code to make it listen on a certain IP port for incoming connections from the IPAQ. IPAQ would have to also have a custom app to send transactions to the pc in the jeep.
      The IPAQ could request a refresh of what songs are on the server and list them in any number of sorts then send transactoin to either play them in the car or play them on the IPAQ itself accross the network.
      Is this what you were thinking of????


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        yeah, but not in a car, onto a laptop connect to a hifi near the a basketball court. but i was hoping there was program that would do it for me. but it seems i might need to write my own app as well, damn,

        if you have anyother ideas, or find an app that will do this please post,

        thanks kardas


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          The solution I'd see would be to find an infrared remote repeater and then use the ipaq infrared transmitter as a remote control. Then just iRman it, but why use the PDA at all if that's the chosen route?

          I -have- seen PDA plug-ins on - but they required that the PDA be docked, at which point I don't see how that could help you.