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!!Authors Wanted!! CarPC Wikipedia is getting Multilingual !!Authors wanted!!

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  • !!Authors Wanted!! CarPC Wikipedia is getting Multilingual !!Authors wanted!!


    Because many people asked for it, I started translating the Wikipedia into english. (there are just much more User speaking english than german so there are many more that could help and write their knowledge down )

    So, like I wrote in the old Thread (there it was just german, because it was started german ) I begann to translate the Wikipedia.

    The Wikipedia was created at the beginning of this jear (2006) and there aren't hundrets of articles (today) but I hope that will change soon, and like you can see, its growing

    I hope lots of you all will help making this Wikipedia to a huge knowledge source for CarPC Fans all over the World.

    Everyone is invited to help and write.
    If you have an own Frontend, or a Relaiscard, or what ever, you can show it and it's features there. But please remember, the Wiki isn't an advertisment platform, it should become / stay a place of knowledge .

    Wikipedia English Version
    Wikipedia German Version

    I just started translation, so there isn't translated too fuch for now, but for one person its hard work, even if the wiki isnt that big at the moment.
    If anybody could help, it would be great. And if you cant translate, just read and correct my translations