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  • Moral dilemma...

    I ordered an AOpen MP915-B from an online store.

    I received a MP945-VX instead. (paid the MP915-B price)

    Do I:

    1) Send it back to the original store and get the MP915
    2) Sell the MP945-VX, make a 'lil bit of profit, and buy the MP915 from somebody else?

    I have everything ready for the MP915, and I really don't want to get the core processor for the MP945, so keeping it isn't an option.

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    Definitely get a hold of them and tell them about the mix-up. Just make sure it isn't one of those shody places that do this on purpose so they can just charge you a restocking fee and extra shipping.
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      I'd call them up and let them know. That way its off your concience and you get to let them make the final decision on their mixup. If they are a stand up company they will make good on it.


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        tell them about it, it'll make you feel better and strengthen your character too :-) is it worth the extra $$$ to decieve the company? it's a question only you can answer.
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          well, of course its worth the extra $$$ to keep it, lol (however much the better one is worth!)

          but no, that doesnt make it right


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            I'd call and tell them. Hopefully they won't make you send it back. That way you win both ways
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              I've made up my mind-

              I'm going to call them and let them know of the mistake...

              and offer to send the unit back, if...

              they overnight the MP915 and send me call tag to return the MP945. So I get the computer I want soon, and they don't lose as much as they would have if I sold it.

              If that doesn't work for them, I sell the item here (and on Ebay) and order a MP915 from somewhere else.


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                **** that. Keep that ****.

                Their mistake is your gain. There still probably making money on you. I know half of you would keep it, don't lie.
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                  Hmm... I'd at least call and tell them.

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                    The MP915 are discontinued. I know that we sent some customers the newer version when they ordered the MP915.


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                      so what is a customer of mp3car to do if he/she finds himself in my dilemma?

                      hypothetically speaking, of course....


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                        I was kinda wondering if you had bought from mp3car...

                        From what zip-lock says, keep it if ya like it I guess... If not, and they were indeed out of stock of the 915, they should have contacted you instead of just sending you something else they thought you'd like. Send it back, get some money back, and argue until you die that you're not gonna pay a restocking fee cause they were too lazy to ask you if you wanted a free upgrade, cause they're out of the 915.

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                          True. I do want a 915, I mean - I have everything ready to go for a 915 (actually owned one for a short time... long story) I definitely won't pay a restocking fee - if anything, I'll make money on the 945 and buy a 915 from somebody else...just don't want to screw mp3car, since they do support this forum (and therefore everything I know about car computing)


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                            Well, according to Zip it wasn't a mistake. So, sell your box, make a little off it, and buy a 915.

                            What is the price difference in systems anyway? (EDIT: Sorry, motherboards on the brain...)

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                            The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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                              $100 - $160, depending