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    I'm really stuggling with the pros and cons of building my own MP3 machine, or buying something pre-made, like at Can someone help me pick out the pros and cons of each installation? I can't seem to get a clear head about this. Thanks!

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    Ill be honest with you so Ill start with the cons of building your own mp3 player

    Price: You may spend between $200 and $1000+. You probably won't know until your done.

    Electronic Knowledge: If you don't know about electronics, you could get hurt or probably killed. I got shocked from a power supply and burnt from a soldering iorn while making my LCD screen. Supposedly, you can get killed if you screw with the power inverter for the 6'' sharp LCD screen

    Peace of Mind: You never know if something you built is reliable. If you buy a premade unit, you have someone you can at least blame if your car burns to the ground

    Convenience: When you order your player, the only thing keeping you from listening to music in your car is the amount of time the post office takes to ship the player


    Satisfaction of making it yourself Sure you can buy a car player and it will sure as hell impress people but not as much as something you built yourself. it also gives you the satisfaction of creating something unique

    Unlimited explandability With a player you built yourself, you can add anything from a 6'' LCD screen to GPS(of course youll need the 6'' screen to see where you are) You will not be limited to how much storage a company thinks you should have or the way your player looks.

    I can go on about the pros and cons but I think this should do, if not , email me


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      how about
      NO RESTRICTIONS! A *legal* prebuilt unit's gonna have a bunch of features on it that will **** you off, like once a songs on there you won't be able to copy it from that player. Which sucks if you main machine crashes and you can't load all your songs back on easily. It will be just like a giant RIO.
      Go custom, its worth it.


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        Whoa there, big boy, settle down. I agree that building one yourself is much better if you've got the patience (and lack the money for an empeg, as most of us do), but neither the empeg ( the carplayer ( have any such limitations. The empeg stores its media on normal 2.5" hard drives, and the carplayer uses CD-Rs for storage, and you can use any CD-ROM drive you want with it. Relax. Big brother [i]is</o> watching, but he's not gonna touch your mp3s just yet.


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          [/i]oops.. some extreme italics there at the end.


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            OK, I'm not to big on commercial MP3 players, but I do know that Diamond got sued by RIAA for RIO because it had the ability to offload songs. And I said *legal* players, Smilk's player is considered a pirating device when it's hooked up (it can be legally sold, though it is skirting the edge of the law). The empeg will not be distributed in the US because it is considered a pirating device.


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              Unfortunately, that's not true. Diamond MM got sued by the RIAA because the RIAA peed it's pants when it realized that the Rio was just the tip of the iceberg, the beginning of the end, so to speak. Anyway, the Rio wasn't supposed to be able to offload songs. Granted, it wasn't very difficult for a band of semintelligent coders to figure out how to do it, but Diamond never intended it to have this capability. As far as the empeg goes, there have been a lot of US orders, I know, and they're not going to keep the US customers from getting it. We may have to pay shipping, but it's not illegal to own in the U.S. by any means. I'm unclear on what you mean by a 'pirating device.' The RIAA's case was that a royalty was supposed to be paid on devices that could record, like DAT players (what got this whole thing started long, long ago), and Diamond believed that that did not apply to their device, and in fact, it doesn't (as was decided by a judge). Basically, the RIAA's views are outdated and obsolete, and their hold on the music industry has already begun to slip exponentially. if you read <a href=""Slashdot</a>, you already know that the Diamond vs. RIAA case was settled this week, and while Diamond has agreed to support SDMI (the Secure Digital Music Initiative), in no way do they have to decrease their support of MP3 or introduce any security into future products. Thank gopod.


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                Arg, I hate missing brackets. That should say "If you read <a href="">Slashdot</a>..." and shouldn't all be one big link. Arg.


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                  The point is the building your own mp3 player is better, no matter what restrictions the RIAA or SDMI create. When and if the mp4 format comes out , the car players can adapt. As for SDMI, the harder they try to keep MpX under their control , there will always be a way to get around it


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                    Yes, yes...


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                      MP3's are a blessing on the computer/multimedia fanatic. I'm sure if you're able to download mp3's from the net, you should have enough sense to build your own mp3 player for your car. It's as easy as plugging in your inverter. And it's as upgradable as your budget permits. Otherwise, you'd have to pay 300 more for a bigger harddrive, and that still isn't expandable. You gotta know what you want right away, (empeg) or else if your mp3 collection grows, your space can't grow with it.
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