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Need advise on mounting my computer in my MR2

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  • Need advise on mounting my computer in my MR2

    ALright basically, im having some trouble figureing a better spot to mount my carputer, i dont like having to move it everytime someone else drives my car, since the current way its setup, its based off how far the seat is when I am driving

    anyways, ya i drive a toyota mr2 (91 NA) and, no pics of the carputer itself but here

    its on the floor right in front of the driver side sub, again its not pictured as those pics are old, but ya

    the carputer is mounted on a piece of wood and the carputer rests on it (horizontaly) and when i drive, the seat is pushed back and its touching the computers case, heres a mock up

    again, since the driver seat is right up against the computer when its adjusted for me (im like 5' 4") anyone else who is driving it WOULD NEED to move the seat back, and that means repositioning the computer, which i hate doing

    so does anyone have any ideas on how/where i can mount it, to have extra room? i cant fit it in the storage compartments

    any help would be much appreciated, thanks

    also, my frunk is taking up by my amp

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    lol i like the drawing.
    Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!


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      well you should, i put almost an hour into it...


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        fiberglass a good custom case..


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          should i buy one of these and shove the comp inside?

          i have this case

          should i just make a case (out of aluminum) that is small enough to fit under the seat?


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            On the armrest between the subs. I think that is where those cd holders go anyway.
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              ya i was thinking of that originially, but then people can see it, but its still an idea

              any ideas how to mount it? cuz the center is all slanted and stuff


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                Need more pics! Need to see the front of the dash, the floor space, need to see distances with the seat down, I'll gove you some ideas, but you dish out more pics!


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                  I would mount it above the driver's sub, sideways, with a dvd slot loader facing the passenger. Hide the wiring under the back carpet. Just be sure to wrap the wires with heat sleeving.


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                    the first thing that stuck me when I opened up this thread was "CRAP!"

                    You need to move that strap that's going over the drivers side sub. You're not doing that sub any good by preventing it from extending when it needs to.

                    Secondly, I'd start looking behind panels:

                    Jan Bennett
                    FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

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                      would the comp have trouble sitting on top of the sub?

                      heres SOME stuff, not of my car


                      edit: the straps arent on the sub most of the time, there not all that tight either, the strap sits mostly on the mounting part of the sub, the pic was taken the second i put the subs in, no adjustments or anything

                      btw, the computer is normally sitting horizontally, not slanted like that, its disconnected right now


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                        I dare say, that yellow car is a little too messy of an install for me, leaves too many wires exposed. You can do the same kind of thing without so many exposed wires. I think it will be fine above the sub, but don't rest it on the sub. I would get 4 studs/special jam nuts or something and put them where needed through the back peice, then make 4 simple angle brackets bolted to the case. That way, if you need to remove it, you can just unbolt it from the floor.

                        If you have it above the sub, on mounts, attached to the carpet/fiberboard stuff that makes your firewall, it shouldn't have too many issues. A buddy had a computer under the seat, with the sub right behind was in direct line with the vibration from the sub. I personally have not had a vibration issue, and I have motor mount insert which makes idle vibrate quite a bit....more transfer from the motor.

                        But why isn't inside the panel a good spot? That looks like it works great!


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                          i doubt an MR2 has enough room behind any panels to work, lol

                          the panel pics are from (i assume) one of reds builds, not bboy_jons


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                            correct, it's the current install in my car. It's the area behind the rear seat pannel behind the driver.

                            You would be amazed at what kind of room you can find behind interior panels.
                            Jan Bennett
                            FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

                            Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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                              ya theres no room in my car (behind the panels)

                              i didnt say it in this thread, but in your thread (mrcat, on mr2oc) i said the wires are messy (well i thought i did) and that id be running it through the carpet after i relocate the comp