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New screen to an alpine hu

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  • New screen to an alpine hu

    Today I was looking around in a flea market and found a nice Alpina IVA-D300. The deal ain't that bad: everything working fine but the touchscreen, which was broken (probably bought from some sinistered car) for about US$250...

    So, I thought: Why not buy it and replace the screen with a nice VGA Touchscreen? After all, the hiding mechanism did work, the cd was playing nice, so did the radio and everything else!

    BUT!!! Is it possible to make it work? I did try it out with the remote, but I want to use a touchscreen, not an easy-to-loose crappy little thing...

    Anyone has tried something like this?
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    You mean USB touchscreen? I don't think the touchscreen is going to need a video signal. Also, how are you planning on connecting that to the unit?

    If you just want this HU and no PC, then get an Alpine replacement TS.
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      I want to use it for both porpouses! I've seen someone feed their carpc's video into am Alpine HU, but I want to be able to use the touchscreen for both, the car pc and the HU. I think it shouldn't be so hard to do... If that's not possible, I might just dismantle the HU and use the flip mechanism; besides, I could use the slot for the DVD! But if I can keep the functionallity of the HU, would be even better!

      One more thing: Now it comes to my mind; would it be possible to replace the HU's DVD unit with a DVD-ROM and still use it for the HU as well as with the CarPC?
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        Hardwire. Hope your soldering skills are good. Love the idea!
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          someone did something similar with a kenwood deck on the a search. i remember i made a comment about it so you could search for my name and kenwood..maybe
          found it:

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            That's what I meant about seeing someone feeding the video from a pc to their HU, but I believe he didn't use the touchscreen to control de CarPC, did he? And that's the feature I'm looking forward to!
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              Have you considered a touchscreen kit? Its just a clear resistive or capacitive film overlay that goes over the screen and has either a serial or usb interface.

              Check out:


              I worked at a company at one time where we actually sent in a few monitors to be retrofitted with touchscreen overlays. You might find something like that.


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                the problem is getting the interface to match up with what the alpine uses.
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                  I decided I'm going to use only the flip mechanism and the slot for my dvd... i'll post some pics on my install pretty soon; it's not finished and it's all "clumsy", but i'm trying to make some progress
                  Car PC progress: 60%
                  Pics coming soon!!!