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  • Any Experience With Porsche's?


    I have a '06 Cayman S I am looking to drop put a car pc in. The stock HU is double din and looks like a 7-8" touch screen will fit very nicely. It is the base stereo, not bose, not nav.

    My question, do any of you have experience doing installs on late model Porsches (Cayman specifically would be awesome!)? I am asking the following questions that I can think of, but any info or tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Will removing the stock HU cause any errors, say with the ECU? Is it specially integrated in any way that I need to be aware some things before remvoing it?

    Is the wiring harness on the back color coded as many are? Any wiring diagrams floating around? Is it basic 4 channel as I would expect (though I believe there are more speakers than 4, but still in a 4 chan config)?

    Aware of any warranty issues?

    Any tips for routing the cables?

    Again, just trying to get a little prelim info before I do this install. I'm sure some of you must have done a late model (as late as possible) Cayenne, 911, Boxster or if I am lucky a Cayman.


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    Welcome to the site.

    I'd recomend finding a specific Porsche forum and researching what other owners have done and the issues that they have come into with regards to the Audio system. it will probably yield you quicker results than this board. Once you have those questions answered there, I'd imagine you would be well on your way to installing a PC in your ride!
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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      And let me just add, DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

      The Cayman is beautiful, and an amazing track car. I envy you.

      As for the carputer, Red is right, though, there was a guy on her with a boxster who did some nice work. I am not 100 percent sure, but is it possible the center console is the same between the two models, being that the cayman is the coupe "version" of the boxster, though I of course don't mean to lump them together, since the cayman is better

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        I used to drive a 1967 Porsche 912.. does that count?
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          From the pics I've seen the Cayman has a little different interior, does yours have the double-din gps?

 is a good source of tech info

 is also pretty good

 is a good source if you have the Becker HU
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            Just give me your Cayman for a month so I can lean, then I'll tell you all my experience with it.
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              its a completely independent system.. youll be good to go