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    I am very new to this whole thing but I love car audio and thought this would be a great idea. Basically I know very little about this matter. What I would like to know is what is the most efficent way to power the cpu? ARe there any differences in a House Computer then this one(Besides the obvisous as power ands viewing and the audio), if so what? DO I need a really good graphics card and audio card to play crystsal clear music and Videos? How do I hook up a touch screen LCD? I know you most likely don't want to awnser the questions, but it would be apprecated if you good at least send me in the right direction.

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    The right direction is this way...

    Look up, to the right, second button from the right. It starts with an "S" and the last part sounds like "earch".
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      Have you ever tried to use the search on here before. Let me put it to you this way, it finds everything except what you are looking for. If you wanna be an jerk about it go ahead, but I would rather not pay any attention to you.


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        Was I being a jerk? I thought I was just saying what everyone else is thinking. There's just too much information online for you to have that many unanswered questions.

        Maybe the search engine is broken. Let's test.

        good video cards:

        good sounds cards:

        efficient power supplies:

        I seem to be turning up many threads which deal directly with your questions. Try those, and if still have questions, feel free to ask.
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