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Check out / advise on my carputer's design

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  • Check out / advise on my carputer's design

    I'm planning on building a carputer soon. I have a lot of the equipment that I'll need, but have some major purchases left to make, and need advice on a few of them.

    The Car:
    2001 Nissan Frontier King Cab Truck

    My Equipment:
    Hornet car alarm (shock sensor and starter disable)
    HU (Kenwood KDC-MP425) CD/MP3/WMA
    Two 6 1/2's in the doors
    600W Rockford Fosgate AMP
    SOYO SY-K7VME mobo (miniATX; onboard VGA, sound, LAN, USB, serial and LPT)
    DeluoGPS USB GPS reciever
    40GB IDE HDD

    Need to Buy:
    Serious window tinting (need to decide on %)
    Display (unsure)
    PSU (unsure)
    Enclosure (unsure... want cheap but sturdy)
    AUX input adapter for HU (believe it's necessary... won't know until torn apart)
    Processor (~AMD Athlon XP 2000 probably Ebay)
    RAM (512MB - 2X256MB probably Ebay)
    Subwoofer (maybe a bazooka tube?)
    Misc wiring (including VGA adapter)
    Some input devices... thinking about mounting a touchpad near the center armrest somewhere.

    Broad view of interior:

    Center console with shifter all the way forward:

    Center console with shifter all the way back:


    Battery wiring + existing fuse (amp) + alarm wiring:

    I've been considering getting a 7" Lilliput TFT LCD... and unless I'm missing something, there really isn't much space to mount one on my center console. So I'm thinking that I should move my HU down to where my acessory pocket is (directly below the HU now) and install a motorized 7" Lilliput where my HU is now. Sound about right? You can see in the pics where my shifter is in relation to the console... I'm hoping there'll be enough room.

    I suppose I can't really make a determination about the PSU until I've got my other hardware (namely processor and display) finalized.

    Also, I've been thinking about running my GPS out through the brake light on top of my cab... then mounting it on the roof where you can see in this picture.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    I think if you mount your monitor where your head unit is now and drop the HU down, it should clear your shifter. Should be room to do it. Probably the same mounts as my Pathfinder.

    If you wanted to do custom stuff, you can remove the ashtray, mount your (USB or firewire) DVD drive there along with a USB port or two.

    FWIW, I have my GPS on my dash in my Pathfinder. I ran the cable up through defroster vents and it seems to work OK. If you mount your case behind your seat, you will be closer to the brake light than the dash.
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      One point. Not sure how far the moulding sticks out above the hu but if you place a motorized touchscreen there it might impact the moulding and you wind up with a downfacing screen.
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        Thanks for the advice guys. I'll have to measure the angle on the lilliput motorized... see if it looks like it'll clear that moulding when it opens up. And yea, it would definetly be worth it to see how the GPS preforms on my dashboard before I go cutting holes in my brake light cover.