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Music Keg?!

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  • Music Keg?!

    Umm this is pretty cool.

    kinda making me worry.
    i wonder how much its worth.
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    Re: Music Keg?!

    saw this featured on

    the going price is abound $900 (as written in the article above)

    worried? I dont think so. I think most people here - yourself included Machs_FueL, would prefer to build your own for the personal achivement and the ability to flex your technical abilities....

    now I have been running a homebrew solution for soooo long in all my cars (total of three in 4 years) I would never surrender for a commercial solution...

    I think its funny that ppl like the RIAA etc are so 'anti-mp3/digital music' ..... thats all good and well, but on the flip side we see the hardware manufacturers pushing their high end digital music products......

    ....sort of makes the RIAA's battle look flawed from the start...
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      Looks like they bought out this company:


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        nice find Arby.......

        they have this logo on Kenwoods 'The Keg' (cheesy name IMHO!)
        feature page....

        I reckon the phatnoise company would have made a killing $$$$'s wise from Kenwood.....
        Project - GAME OVER :(


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          yep...came out 2yrs ago if i recall. Still doesn't come close to our homebrew though
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            Kenwood seem to licence a lot of stuff from other manufacturers. I was shocked to see my Kenwood in-dash touchscreen also being sold by Blaupunkt.
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              i saw one of these 3-4 weeks ago at the car audio store. it was the first day they got them in and the owner ran in back and opened a box for me. for $800 its not worth it. comes with a 10gig "tape". i was suprised to see that Phatnoise partnered with Kenwood on making this. also, when i was at the fird dealer yesterday i see that they make a 02 escape which comes factory with a mp3-cd player. another showing of how mp3 units are becoming the standard. man, i would have never thought of all this happening 4 years ago when i first got into mp3 cars.
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                Originally posted by cenwesi
                yep...came out 2yrs ago if i recall. Still doesn't come close to our homebrew though
                and at the end of the day, thats the most important point....
                Project - GAME OVER :(