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SBC - Backplane installation

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  • SBC - Backplane installation

    Please help out a carputer newbie. I am experienced with car audio installation and PC Hardware but have never worked with this type of hardware. I am about to acquire a SBC that connects to a PICMG slot. Here is what I found
    I am pretty sure this will work. I will need to build a case to house it but I am not sure about the power connection. Anyone else ever use something like this?

    Here is an email I sent to the company:
    I had a question about the backplanes. What does the power terminal block do? Does it allow it to be connected to 12V? What kind of power supply do these use?

    Thanks for your help.

    It's a power output connector. Yes, it can be connected to +-5V and +-12V.

    Does this mean I can run a 12V wire from my battery to this computer? Do I need a seperate Power Supply?

    Please clear up my confusion.

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    I don't know much about the details of it all..

    Don't hook your battery up to it. You want regulated power to your carputer.
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      Take a look at the power connector on the backplane, it's a standard AT power connector (P8, P9). This means that you'll need an AT power supply to power it. As long as you're ordering from Arise, take a look at their ACE-865V , this supply would be perfect for one of those backplanes, and they're not too expensive (around $70). You could then hook the car's 12V sdtraight to the power supply, and the supply would power the backplane (and in turn the SBC).
      Hope this helps!