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Inverter now cauzing buzzing noise?? wtf?

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  • Inverter now cauzing buzzing noise?? wtf?

    Ok so I recently had a laptop i couldn't get to turn on..

    Well i figured out the problem after my HD for the main carputer died. Well here is the problem..

    I removed my main carputer from the car.
    Installed the laptop and now anytime i plug anything into my inverter im getting a buzzing sound when my cd player is set to AUX.

    I tried hooking up just the powersupply to see if i get a buzz for my old stuff and i did.

    Its like RIGHT when i plug it in i get a buzz.. dosent really have to be sucking juice and my comp dosent have to be on.

    Invertner on = no buzz
    Anything pluged into it = buzz..

    Anyone have any ideas why my invertner is affecting my AUX cd player when nothing is linking my CD player and inverter? My AUX line runs down the left side where the inverter side runs down the right...

    (p.s... my brother keeps calling it a convertor b/c he says people call it an inverter b/c of marketing scemes. Can anyone prove him wrong? Is he right?

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    arg.. after playing around with my system.. i have came to the conclusion...

    I get feedback when:
    1)My inverter is on and something is pluged into it.

    The reason why i am getting feedback is my RCA cables from my CD player becomes super sensitive? when i turn the inverter on and have something pluged into it.

    The rca cables are not touching anything. I pulled them out and im running them down the middle.

    Anyone have any ideas why i am getting over sensitive RCA cables when i turn on my inverter?


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      Sounds like a grounding issue to me. Is the inverter grounded to the chassis?
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

      Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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        The inverter is grounded to the battery.. is that not good?