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  • magnetik's new system (7 images)

    Well after many weeks of coding and hardware building/etc, finally I have my new system installed. Which is great considering the stock radio in the car was really starting to annoy me!

    I haven't updated just yet, so I decided to post a few pictures of the setup, since I way keen to share em with the rest of the forum.

    New server space and a dot.COM is on the way sometime next week, so I will do the website update sometime then. The new server space will be php/mySQL enabled too, so no more static HTML pages to admin and will give me the ability to add some nice bells/whistles. stay tuned to your screens for that one.

    Next tasks for the system are to finish the DivX playback support within my mp3car app, do some bugs fixes/changes, sort thru my AVS visualisation presets/get some more, skin the app with a funky looking interface and look at then some ongoing software changes/new features and possibly a re-write as a flash/VB hybrid or a linux version maybe?

    But anyway as it stands now, it all works nicely and plays mp3's..... now who could complain with that?

    And now for the images....

    Top view of the case, with the lid off. Note the gutted ATX PSU and inverter both inside the case. The hard drive bay sits over the inverter.

    Side view of the case, showing the connectors. I decided not to just cut a hole in the side to expose the mobo's connectors this time, to keep the look nicer and neater. From left to right top to bottom the connectors are as follows - Power In, Power Out Switched (for the pre-amp/amp power-on), IRman data and power switch on 6pin DIN socket, 12V switched out for the TFT display, video out for the TFT (RCA) and finally left/right audio out jacks. The small fan is for exhaust of hot air....

    Other side view, showing hard disc bay and fan guard for PSU fan.

    Back of the hatch #1 - Note the neat wiring and usage of lots of automotive carpet.

    Back of the hatch #2 - showing connecting cables to the case.

    Front passenger view, showing 5.6inch TFT and JL-Audio 5.25Inch speakers.

    The system in action. Playing an mp3 here (no DivX just yet). The visualisations are done with winamp's supplied AVS plugin - which is excellent BTW. I have modified the default winamp skin to make the AVS borders black, so AVS looks like it should 'be there'. I think I pulled it off quite nicely and give me a great range of AVS presets to pick from the winamp website if I need to.

    Well that's it for now. Stay tuned for the website update in the coming weeks.

    Any comments/feedback would be welcomed guys.....
    Project - GAME OVER :(

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    .... and another image

    Another shot of the TFT doing its thing, showing the steering wheel IR remote as well.
    Project - GAME OVER :(


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      Nice work. It looks great.

      No matter how many times I see it, there's something unnatural about steering wheels on the right side.
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        Originally posted by Gutter
        Nice work. It looks great.

        No matter how many times I see it, there's something unnatural about steering wheels on the right side.
        Heh, seriously, about the nice work, and especially about the steering wheel

        Since when is insanity a bad thing?


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          nice clean work man!

          Hey how do you like that lcd of yours? Its a Reactor 5.6? I have a mobile auth 5.6... i really like it... but at $178 i dont want to buy two more of those for my sunshades or headrests. The reactors were $95?
          2001 PT Cruiser "BLK ICE"


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            good work magnetik

            bout time some of us aussies got real car player systems


            i love my steering wheel on the right


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              thanks for the comments guys.... makes it all worthwhile. Plus it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling (but thats another story for another time...)

              ..... moving right along,

              Gutter/MP3DUB : I say the same about left hand drive of course! I cant imagine trying to change gears with my right hand.... I could see me bunnyhopping like crazy!, it would be like going for my licence all over again!

              vickumar : I like the LCD, I dont know the brand..... it has zero marking on the case/back, even the packaging! but it looks alot like the screens at so I think it is one of their variants.... or possibly the Reactor brand you mention. your talking US prices..... I paid $410 AUST, which before you have a heartattack is cheap for here! (the AUST dollar really bites against the US )

              pcman : cheers - just for being another aust member!~!
              Project - GAME OVER :(