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    Hey guys,

    im getting back into my Carpc project from a year ago now i have some time again.

    I still have the planned laptop and motorized lilliput, tho i think the M1-ATX is ****ed.

    The laptop has an AC-DC adaptop for power, and i have wired a MC button on wires to the docking station which takes care of turning on. Similarly, i still have hibermon to put it into Hibernation once it loses power (i won't have to worry about timers since the laptop battery can keep it going during shutdown).

    My old solution was a 3.5" 100g running off a M1-atx with a 555T pulse timer, to keep the PSU and thus hard drives on for 1 minute after power cut (to allow computer to write any data).

    Since the M1-ATX is ****ed, and i don't really need a power supply (save for the external HDD), what do you guys reckon?

    a) get a 3.5" and power it somehow, use timers etc, maybe use that PSU to power the screen (whats the verdict on lilliput on board power regulation)

    b) Bite the bullet, just get an 80g external 2.5" HDD, solve PSU probs, solve TIMERS (runs from laptop) and also solve potential bumpy road data issues.

    c) any other suggestion

    Also, the liiliput, from memory, seemed to rape my battery, even when it was just in standby (its standby seemed dodgy). Whats the best way to cut power completely? Just shove a switch in the 12v line?

    On another note, and not intending to start an opinion war, but what is the current favourite software to use. Its a p3 1.ghz 256mb ram, probably just used for music atm

    Thx for your help
    About to test TS with new drivers!!!
    Good to be back in the game
    Progress 50%
    Next Step: Making Enclosure, Hard Wiring PSU

    Thinkpad 1Ghz P3
    256MB RAM
    Lilliput Motorised
    80GB 3.5"