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Does anyone still use these?

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  • Does anyone still use these?

    Hello all.

    Back in the day I used to make some small power supplies for powering our carputers. I've been running them since 1998. I sent out a few hundred of them. I was just wondering if anyone here used one and how that worked out.

    I've finally decided to retire the old "MP3GOD M2K." It is a 133Mhz 486 pc with a whopping 16megs of RAM and a respectable 30gig drive. That thing cost a mint to put together and it was strickly used as an mp3 player. The upside was it is ruffly the size of a 3.5" harddrive.

    I'm putting together a mini-ITX system now for total mobile computing. I have a few questions and I'll post them in their respective forums.