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Toshiba Laptop-No video out

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  • Toshiba Laptop-No video out

    Someone brought me an old Toshiba Tecra 8000 they wanted me to fix. They were having problems with the power connector. It would disconnect if touched. I disassembled the laptop and found a broken solder joint on the power connector. I re-soldered the joint and put the laptop back together. Now I dont have any video out to the lcd or through the external monitor connection. I took the laptop back apart and everything looks like its hooked up properly. The computer also doesn't sound like its booting. The hard drive is spinning up but doesnt seem to be "thinking". What could the problem be?

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    Hmm... hooked up something wrong, ESD to the mainboard, soldered the power connector wrong and shorted something, crack in mainboard, etc...

    Best bet would be to take it all apart again, and make sure nothing is out of place. Also, doesn't hurt to reseat the processor, I've had that work a few times with this kind of repair.

    All else fails, I'll take it off your/their hands.

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      While you're in there, if there is a CMOS battery for the BIOS or perhaps a BIOS reset switch, you might want to try resetting the BIOS. If there is a switch, press it (obviously). If there is a battery (many newer laptops no longer have them) remove it for a few minutes (or hours if it doesn't work).

      Also, reseating the Processor or RAM can do the trick sometimes.
      Just some ideas.


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