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  • carpc - worth it?

    I'm just curious on your thoughts about this. Would you do it another way? Maybe all in one head unit, head unit/hard drive? Or would you still go thru the troubles of a carpc?

    Reason I'm asking is because I'm not sure what to do. I need to do something soon, as the cdplayer in my truck is DEAD. Won't read any cd's, just am/fm radio.

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    Depends on how you determine 'worth it'

    if you just want to play music in your car, probably not.

    if you want music and navigation only, again probably not.

    however if you want the challenge and the knowledge that you can gain by doing it, and then be able to say proudly I put this together, then yes.

    it all depends on what you want out of it.

    I have probably spent more than I care to think about on mine (both money and time), and I still haven't finished, but if I was to start at the begininng would I do it again. YES.


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      ... exactly.

      My HU died and because I didn't like not knowing how to fix it I said, screw this. I know computers, so in went a computer. Done.

      Would I do it again? Yup. Probably would have gotten the transflective or a xenarc screen instead of my hong kong ripoff, but yes. I would do it again!
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        Why would you go with an xenarc? That is more than likely the screen I will go with, or the SP7, leaning towards the xenarc though.
        03 duramax - 34's
        91 wrangler - woods machine
        03 cobra - [email protected]!


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          Well let's see....50,354 members of this site, seem to think it's worth it....

          Well... 50,353 (not counting you....)


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            it's also cheaper than double din headunit with nav

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              The fact that I can play MAME, SNES, Sega, and N64 games in my car on the go...
              I can stream internet radio from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD in my car....
              I can "mix music" using a DJ Software on the fly...
              I can burn CD's, Movies, and Games in my car...
              I can control my phone using Bluetooth...
              I can customize the layout of my "radio"...
              I can browse the internet using WiFi....
              I can make Ringtones for my cellphone...
              And I spent less than $1000 dollars to have all of this in my car?

              To me: YES. It was worth it
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                Of course it's worth it. I can't explain how glad I am that I'm not fumbling through a disaster of CD's every time I want to listen to a certain cd. Now it's two touches away .

                Like the other guys mentioned there is also the satisfaction of looking at it after it's done and saying to yourself, "Wow, I did this all by myself." It is also an easy way to keep passengers entertained .

                Most likely the biggest plus is when I'm waiting on a girl/woman for whatever reason in a parking lot. Playing simple games on the touchscreen seems to make the time much more enjoyable. (shhhh, I didn't say that hehe)
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                  It's kind of like going to the ls1tech forums and asking if anything thinks it worth it to buy a Camaro or Trans Am

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                    well, a few threads I have read on here have been about guys going back to an h/u with a hard drive, and getting away from car pc's.

                    I will be doing a car pc, I was just wondering what every one else's opinions are on them.

                    (I own an 03 cobra, but wish I had an 06 z06 vette)
                    03 duramax - 34's
                    91 wrangler - woods machine
                    03 cobra - [email protected]!


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                      I struggled with this choice too.

                      Pioneer Avic-N3 - dvd/backup cam/bluetooth phone/GPS nav/Am/FM/CD around $2000 installed with cam

                      Carputer - dvd/backup cam/bluetooth phone/GPS nav/Am/FM/CD + games + wireless network + 500gig HD + XVID/DIVX movies + Mame + Emulators + internet + etc +etc + future etcs around $1000-$1200.

                      If you have the time + patience + a bit of know how or know how to search, yes it's worth it.


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                        Why would you ask a forum composed of CarPC hobbiests if CarPC's are worth it? ......................................