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I'm having some second thoughts.

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  • I'm having some second thoughts.

    I've been thinking about this all day since i've had my dad's laptop in my truck running wireless internet. While it's sorta cool to use to: listen to shoutcast radio.. and check my myspace. What else do you do with a carpc that is worth all this time and money? I think i was sucked in to the idea of having a gaming system/internet/gps/harddrive/tv/dvd in my truck..

    - I don't play video games
    - Who needs to surf the net while driving ($60 a month too)
    - I MIGHT use the gps every once in a while, but i hardly ever travel far distances... in fact i have almost every street in my city and surrounding cities memorized (i'm a delivery guy)
    - I have an ipod controlled by my head unit, so it's pretty much a harddrive in my truck for music. I don't use cd's anymore
    - I can't get this TV tuner i bought to pick up any stations while driving
    - I don't own any dvd's

    I don't really think i should be spending this kind of money for something i really... don't even need.. has anyone else felt like that?

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    I have had the exact same thought. I *love* linux and my car, but pricing it out I could just buy a pile of individual devices to cover everything a car pc could for less than the $1000
    for a PC and touchscreen

    - gps units
    - deck with ipod control/USB
    - phone does data plan (even TV) already
    - accelerometer!

    plus, without a serious speech to text interface, I'd be afraid of crashing the car as a distraction - I can't even control my ipod.

    10 years ago, it might have made sense, but now....dunno.

    I think the real challenge/interesting part might be creating clean housing/mounting for all the devices above.



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      Yea i don't think i'm going to go through with it. If you want to buy an 8" lilliput touch screen, i will post in the For Sale section. I haven't even gotten it in yet lol.


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        touchscreen might change your mind. plus you may auto run many app when windows boots.
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          If you don't see a point and don't relish the thought of tinkering with it, and simply thinking it's cool to have, don't do it. I put in a CarPC because for me it was cheaper to do so than get a headunit that did it for me.


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            In my opinion, integrated devices will make the component carpc semi obsolete in the next couple years. For instance you can get the following for $200 and it does basically everything I need except interface with my magesquirt (which is easier on a laptop anyway). I can barely buy an Opus and build a case for $200.


            This PVP E320 portable media player beautifully combines the functions of a portable media player with an outstanding GPS Navigational System. You’ll be able to watch, listen and feel –while knowing exactly where you are!

            Powered by an Intel XScale 400 MHz CPU, the Dream'eo PVP E320 is one of the most advanced mobile platforms that you’ll see in this price range. It’s perfect for sharing audio and video files, as well as preserving all your critical digital data all on a 20 GB hard drive. And you’ll see it all on a remarkably clean and clear 3.5-inch color TFT screen.

            You can use your PVP to enjoy digital media files, copy music, videos and photos from desktop computers to your PVP, and then take them with you anywhere for an on-the-go media experience. Thanks to its USB connection, this Dream'eo PVP E320 Portable Media Player is the ideal personal digital companion for your leisure activities as well as business data storage


            * Dream'eo PVP E320 20GB Portable Media Player w/GPS

            * General Features:
            * Intel XScale 400 MHz CPU
            * Windows CE.NET 4.2 Core operating system
            * 32 MB SDRAM internal memory
            * 20 GB of hard drive storage
            * 3.5-inch TFT touch screen LCD 64 K colors, 320 x 240 pixel resolution
            * Internal mono speaker and microphone
            * Stereo audio in and SPDIF audio out
            * High speed USB 2.0 interface
            * Type-1 Compact Flash card slot
            * Supports MPEG-1, MPEG-4 SP, ASF, WMA, AVI video format
            * Supports MP3, WMA, and WAV audio format
            * Supports GIF (exclude Gif89a), JPG, PNG, BMP image format
            * Audio recording encoding MP3 @ Bit rate: 64 kbps, 128 kbps, 192 kbps
            * Up to 7-hours play back on MP3 or 3-hours for video on built in LCD

            * GPS Receiver Features:
            * Compact Flash interface

            * Acquisition time:
            * Warm start: < 38 seconds
            * Cold start: < 45 seconds
            * Hot start: < 8 seconds
            * Snap start: <3 seconds

            * Re-acquisition:
            * 100 ms

            * Interface:
            * RS232 (NMEA protocol)

            * Update rate:
            * 1 second continuous

            * Antenna:
            * Built-in, External MCX antenna connector

            * Accuracy:
            * Position: 5 - 25m (SPS).
            * Position: 2 - 5m (EGNOS)
            * Velocity: 0.1m/s
            * Time +/- 1us

            * Power:
            * < 30mA @ 3.3VDC ± 10%
            * 30% duty cycle trickle mode

            * Altitude:
            * Velocity: 515m/s
            * Acceleration: +/- 4G

            * LED function:
            * Off: unit powered off
            * On: Unit searching for satellites
            * Blink: 3D fix obtained

            * Regulatory Approvals:
            * FCC
            * CE

            Package Includes:

            * Dream'eo PVP E320 20GB Portable Media Player w/GPS
            * GPS Compact Flash receiver w/external antenna
            * Stylus
            * Remote control
            * Headphones
            * USB cable
            * S-Video cable
            * RCA audio out cable
            * Wind shield mount w/base
            * Software CD
            * Power adapter (100-240V ~ 50/60 Hz 0.3A)
            * 12V car power adapter
            * Quick start guide

            Additional Information:

            * Notes:
            * Model: PVP E320
            * UPC: 7 41456 00106 6

            * Product Requirements:
            * Available power outlet
            * Available 12V car power outlet
            * Available USB port
            * CD-ROM drive for software CD


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              another thread of people missing the point.

              this is a hobby.

              plain and simple.

              people here dont want a simple cut n paste solution, they want to get their hands dirty and have a sense of accomplishment as well as gloating rights.

              if YOU dont feel its good for you, then dont get one.
              (All done)
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                Besides, that isn't going to be able to interface with a controller for air suspension or power windows. It can't expand for new functionality. It can't connect to the internet. You can't entertain your passengers with games. You cant interface w/ OBD2 or reprogram an ECU or tweak your NOS setup. You can't interface with a Valentine radar detector or capture live video. You can't log GPS or have any GPS tracking through the 'net... And so on.
                And then there's the ugly wires for everything that you have to connect to it.

                But if that's what floats your boat, go for it.
                Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                How about the Wiki?

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                  Yea i wanted to do it as a hobby too... that's why i just got done retrofitting some projectors into my truck. It's not like i was DYING without some super bright lights, but it was such a fun project, and nobody else has them here. I'm still undecided, i may put this project off on the side until after i finish everything else on the truck. Thanks for your opinions


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                    What about the fun factor?

                    Show your ride companion Google Earth whilst driving
                    Run a large harddrive and rip your DVD collection to it
                    Get up to date News/Weather and Traffic info as you drive
                    Switch on OBD and get a digital dashboard
                    Get your email and use text/speech to have it read to you as you drive
                    Find the cheapest gas station and autonavigate to it
                    Find the nearest Taco Bell and set the navigation to avoid it at all costs
                    Show your ride companion Google Earth cos they didn't believe it the first time
                    Auto control your windows/mirrors and any servo controlled items using an interface board (this can be really, REALLY cool)

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                      pretty much if you have to ask that question then this hobby isn't for you. you need to have a drive/desire to do this sort of thing to your car.

                      some advantages that i find important is the ever growing upgradability. For me it's fun to switch components out and trying to get the best system. Another thing is the ability to make this look oem. most aftermarket headunits are so gawdy that i wouldn't imagine installing them in my car regardless of how nice they sound. Then you have the no limitations aspect of the hobby. i dont have to hack my "head unit" so that i can type in a gps address while driving.
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                        If you have to ask, or question it, then it probably is not for you.

                        It is no different then any car modifying.

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                          If you dont have the passion to play with something don't play with it. You will only regret it. I won't look any good and the finish product will look worse than what your started with. This applies to anything you do.

                          If you don't want to........DON'T DO IT!!!
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                            Good point

                            @Bazzy - if you search in this forum for some good "art works" you may begin to understand why some of us choosed to install the carPC...
                            Olso for me it was cheaper than having to buy all I need from pieces (the Bluetooth I wanted was 230 Euro, GPS at 300 Euro, sound system at 780 Euro...). My car PC was at 800 euro + 146 euro for 8" Liliput Touch screen.
                            In this price I get GPS + Bluetooth + Wireless (even in my country you can find enough free acces points) + Audio + Video + 100 Gb HDD + computer + FUN. Olso if I choose to add anything else I can do it (and cheap too).
                            One more thing (it counts for me ) - I like the look on the face of all who see the install I did in my car. Expecialy the girls

                            P.S. if you have your laptop just play with it and install Road Runner or any other frontend you preffer. Do it in your home not in car and maybe you'll like it...


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                              Unlike most members i hate installing or configuring my Carpc and sometimes i which I never can up with the idea to put a pc in my car, but If I could go back in time i’ll do all over again. I love the level of integration you can achieve with a carpc plus there is not limit to its upgradability