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  • almost done, pictures

    for some pictures of my setup, i need a better mount for the display, and need to cover the box with automotive carpet.

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    Nice, and im sure you have this in the works, but this is you friend :

    Since when is insanity a bad thing?


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      hey thanks for the link, i was planning on putting carpet on it (its ugly enought since i used 20 year old ply wood)

      -duron 900.
      -ECS K7sem mobo (integrated audio and video, dont use either)
      -ATI all in 1 der 32 mb 2X agp
      -128 mb 133 mhz sdram
      -60 gb maxtor hard drive
      -serial control card (for gps (its a piece the gps))
      -datalux 10 whatever resitive touch screen, originally 100 nit, had been replaced with a 200 nit (not by me).
      -Creativ Ensoniq pci soundcard (remember when ensoniq pci's were $100?, and were there own company? i do)
      -cheap dvd rom from compusa
      -keypower 250 watt dc-dc

      head unit is pioneed deh-p43 with the cdbr-10 adapter (hacked originally)


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        plywood and carpeted custom case.... hrm.... good choice!!

        get yourself a tin of Selly's Kwik Grip and some tough auto-carpet and goto town..... looks a treat when done IMHO (of course im gonna say that!)

        looking good tho... - the 20yr old plywood shows tho!
        Project - GAME OVER :(