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Innovatek 393X-TV ID3 information

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  • Innovatek 393X-TV ID3 information

    I boutght an Innovatek 393x-tv stereo, but donīt display ID3 information in stereo lcd, just time and number of mp3 songs, but does display on LCD headrest.

    Some one that know how show that information? or Some button to press? or any conbination of buttons on stereo?.

    I did put ID3 information on mp3 songs, so itīs not missing.

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    Innovatek 393-DVD Player

    I just bought the 393DVD player and am not impressed really. It looked better on the internet. Did you ever figure out the ID3 Tag problem? I can't figure it out either. The radio stations display the station ID and Song titles, but MP3's can't?! That makes me angry. I also found the time doesn't keep up. It's always 30 mins to 1hr out the next day. I guess you get what you pay for. 1 day after installing the unit, the SD Card reader went on the blink as well. It doesn't read any SD Card I put in there, regardless of what type of MP3's or WMA files are on it. It worked right after I installed the unit. The USB works fine. The main thing for me is that the DVD player works with MP3's.

    Let me know if you figured any tweaks out. I found that holding the SEL button down gives a few more options, but my instruction book doesn't explain what the options do. The only thing is at least I managed to turn off that annoying beep.