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Mp3 car unit from scratch?

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  • Mp3 car unit from scratch?

    This may seem like a stupid question, to me it is an interest. I have been a lurker here long before I became a member, and I have seen many projects start and finish. Many people out there have done wonders with their own project.

    I have always wanted to start a system from scratch. I have seen post about the yammp project and the pjrc project, I want to start my own.

    I am a high school grad with no college experiance and while I lack the knowledge of integrated circuits, and chip programming. I want to build a system from scratch.

    First question is how does one start? I have ideas and dreams but that is just it, they are dreams! Does anyone have any suggestions on where i should begin?

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    why dont u tell us your ideas...and then we might be able to help u out...

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      ok, um, im confuzzled...

      You have never built a computer before (or a carputer)?

      If this is the case, then what's with the signature that indicates you already have one up and running in your car?
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        I think he means from complete in starting with a circuit board and go from which case you are gonna need to go to your local engineering school with a bunch off Chip Programming/assembling books and a wad of cash to pay off the EE guys to use their lab. GL, PoBoy
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          Poboy hit it on the nose!!!

          Yeah I love the carputer that I put together. It does everything that I need it to do for now.

          I guess I just want a long term project that at some point I can say that I learned something new. Sure doesn't everyone know how to put a few computer parts together and make a pc. With the information that I have gathered here I have learned a few tricks about installing a carputer. I admit I made all the newbie mistakes!(ie. ground loops, tfts a dime a dozen, and fm modulators)

          I guess what I am really trying to do is make a custom car audio system sort of like Vickumar's. Having a system that is based on a sbc would be great.

          The completion of the learning process is really what I am after, I guess.


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            step one is always " write a specification" this will govern how you go from there.. ie what exactly do you want it to be able to do?? this will then determine how much processing power you will need . from the specc you can then do a black box representation of the project .. ie one box for the processor one for the sound out put etc. then you design each box ' s circuit make sure all circuits can interface etc.... this isn't going to be easy but you will learn absolute heaps !!!!

            this is why most of us use a pre made solution of some sort... we know that it will power up and work... then all it is is software from there.......
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