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  • Wow, check this out.

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    wow, and MSRP is just over $1000. Thats a good deal w/ little or no fuss.
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      great find, great price

      however, i still feel that the technology is way behind what we're achieving on this forum. For one, i can get a full blown computer under 1000k and it will do much more than the unit can.....

      it still a great find - one of the advantages is the easy setup and use....
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        Originally posted by afterdigital View Post
        i can get a full blown computer under 1000k and it will do much more than the unit can.....
        If you can't get a computer that will do more than that for under $1,000,000 (1000k) then something is wrong! Even $10k should be more than enough!
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          My tablet still kicks it's *** and I don't have to worry about my car being broken into because there's a cool gadget in it!

          My tablet + docking station cost me $600 - about half of what that unit probably costs - plus my tablet does a ton of other stuff.
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            when they get smart enough to add web browsing to these mm heads, the need for a carpc will go way down.... it's probably only a matter of time, I mean even the psp can browse, these can't be far behind....

            I love my alpine mm head, & it almost does enough to not need the pc, but internet is the biggest thing missing.... & a basic need I would say
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              No way $1000.. there current avic is $2000 my buddy just bought one..its ok but the voice recog. doesnt work very well and the POI gps maps arent very current.
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                Thats still a great deal, I dont care what anyone says....

                Yes, Ill agree with the fact that you cant compare it with our setups and our carputers, but thats not really a fair comparison. This, for being a head unit, looks great and looks like it has a decent amount of features.... I really like the Video part of the iPod interface... That sounds neat. And Divx off of CD-Rs? Come on guys, thats pretty cool
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                  for $1k, I'd buy it.
                  Is this where the witty comment goes?
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                    Bigest thing is ease for the customer, im excited for when the place i work at starts carrying these.

                    However, has anyone seen the AVIC Z1? Much more impressive unit...Many more features.

                    Also, i cant see any company making a MM in-dash system putting internet access on it, they are working very hard to make it so you cant watch video, let alone search the web while you drive


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                      usually, a unit like this will do what it does at least as good as a carpc does those things, but in a very simplistic way..., could you imagine a carpc that booted in like 3 seconds, directly into a front end that never has any bugs, never has any problems... goes from am/FM to DVD, nav & whatever effortlessly... always there & always works.... this is what even the best front end is trying to emulate/simulate really to a certain extent at least...

                      the 2 arguments against them are the PC can do more & the PC can do it for less... these are both valid, but.... these are much easier... you can actually do the whole thing in one afternoon & then not have to screw with it for problems from there most cases.. the cost of a PC is usually months worth of work & then more months of tweaking & playing...

                      part of me enjoys the challenge & total customizing possibilities & individuality a carpc brings, but part of me wants a buy it, install it & just use it type deal too...

                      plus, there getting cheaper & cheaper... I love my carpc but i love my alpine mm head too.... the best would be an alpine with a high resolution screen that does web browsing... I mean of course it's still limited & can't do tons of things a PC can, but most other things are done just cause they can be... if I could get a system that just drops in & does everything perfect with great web interface, I could easily do without a carpc at all I think..

                      I always did my carpc's cause it was the only way to really get all I want.... If a drop in solution did everything I wanted, I would probably not even use a pc.... sure there would still be some things I'd miss, but the never finished part isn't one of them

                      I do agree that a unit like this may never really give a usable enough interface for use while driving in it's as-sold form & the liabilities & lawsuits may always keep a carpc a necessity ... they may allow web browsing while parked though, & if it's as easy to buypass as it is now for video, then it'd be fine.....
                      MY NEWEST INSTALL:modded infiniti fx with big screen

                      first windows carpc liquid cooled LVDS screen :D