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Mp3car style article in APC Mag

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  • Mp3car style article in APC Mag

    While at work tonight i was having a flip through an Australian PC mag. One article that i had overlooked at first was titled Pumping Penguin Tunes. This article is a workshop article on how to build an mp3 player for your car! (no mention of which sucked!) I found the article online of any one wants a look.

    Pumping Penguin Tunes Plans and progress on my install - (Updated 28 June 02)
    Australian mp3car Portal
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    Re: Mp3car style article in APC Mag

    I read that as well and had a good larf since its nothing special.

    does **** ya, if I knew the right ppl I could have got my system in a national computer mag too...... oh well, ill havta do with my 20,000+ hits on my website....
    Project - GAME OVER :(


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      That Pumping Pengiun tunes, looks like a very slight re-write of an article that was in Linux Journal about 1-2 years ago, even down to using rackmount kit, and character LCD, and a keypad.

      Looks like they have altered the suppliers to suit Aussie companies, and removed reference to the code and scripts that ran the install, but the rest seems very similar.

      Just had a look on the website, but I can't find an archive of that issues cover, will need to see if I find it when I get home.
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