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system too weak for my 1000 horsepower van?

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  • system too weak for my 1000 horsepower van?

    1 ghz pentium 3, 133 fsb, Via 686b 694x motherboard with 4mb onboard graphics.

    I'm trying to run Sirius Recorder, I'm getting CPU utilization of over 90 percent, is this normal for a system like mine? I know via chipsets are sensitive to how they're setup, I have recent drivers and i think it's all good. WHat could I have missed?

    I'd like to run navigation, sirius, play mp3 all through a front end, what's the least cpu intensive way of doing this? What can I honestly expect from a system like this?



    1000 horsepower van
    Chris Krug
    owner, turbine minivan

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    are you running any front end currently?

    have you tweaked your OS at all?

    and I don't think the fact that it's a 1000 hp van has anything to do with this thread...
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      well the jet engine may be jittering the HD around when in afterburner mode!

      But most common driver problem is video for high cpu use. even if you are using external video, I find that you should still put on the drivers for onboard video.
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        Originally posted by RedGTiVR6 View Post

        and I don't think the fact that it's a 1000 hp van has anything to do with this thread...

        Reading the topic-tittle was confusing indeed
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          Sorry, the 1000 horse title was just to get you in here. I'm not running any front end right now but I did try roadrunner and it worked Ok but it was a little sluggish when I asked it to launch iGuidance. I used nlite on the os and I used all the tweaks from years of setting up win XP. With this particular computer this is the second install. The first install complained about some APC communication in a protected area so I shut acpi off in the bios and reinstalled the OS. This time the OS runs a little better but XP is looking for a floppy drive controller that's shut down in the bios, XP didn't look for it on the first install so the lack of acpi is confusing XP with this particular bios. I'm going to reinstall again and leave APCI on in the bios and do the F5 trick to tell XP not to use ACPI.

          It's been a while but I think these VIA chipsets like everything to be on their own IRQ's.

          What's really weird is the option to tell XP to hibernate when the power button is pushed just dissapeared. The pulldown menu in power management just vanished.

          Other than that, the sirius interface I got from mitch works great and so does the DSATX. I'll just have to keep digging and I'm sure I'll get it sooner or later.

          Thanks for the help
          Chris Krug
          owner, turbine minivan