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Installed the DVD my subs arent working :(

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  • Installed the DVD my subs arent working :(

    Hey guys, i finally got my dvd player the problem is my subs arent working??.....i tapped into the red/green wire in the back that comes from the amp for my 12v constant....white for my switched 12v....and grounded it to a nut that also has some other grounds. These wires are all coming from the factory amp. That all works fine, turns off when my car turns off...the only problem is now my subs arent working? ....i have that grounded properlly and connected to the battery..and my remote wire is connected to the white wire just as my dvd player is...(on the same line) . I checked my amp and its properlly fused and has the green power on fine. I also checked the leads the output leads to the stock amp and there fine.....lastly i checked the speaker wire to the subs and there fine....tomorrow im gonna stick my sub in my friends car and see if that works. Next i went to my headunit and made sure everything is fine..and it is. The only thing i can think that it could be is the there isnt enough power from my stock amp??....maybe i should not get my 12v constant from the red/green wire and instead go directly to my battery as dvd player suggests. Could that be the problem...anyone else have any other ideas?....when i had the amp on...i took the rca cables out of the sub amp and i heard the sub tap when i disconnected and connected back so i cant think of what it could be??....please let me know guys


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    Is your sub on, or in protection mode because of lack of power?

    Depending on the thickness of the power wire to the OEM amp, you might just be overloading it. Not enough juice can flow. The DVD player is getting enough but the amp is starving.

    It could be that. Would be helpful if the amp has a protection led so you can see if it is enabled now or not.
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      the amp has a fuse on the actual amp and then a fused line to the battery...the power wire from the oem amp is a 20gauge very tiny little wire..the thing is my sub amp isnt connected to that..but the leads for the sub frequencies maybe could that be interfering with it..there is definitly enough power to both because the amp is on and everythin....the only tihng that amp has to do with the factory amp is the remote wire..and the sub frequencies..let me know if that makes sense..thanks for your help man


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        So the amp is actually turning on? That's interesting...

        I would check like toaster said, make sure your amp isn't going into protection mode. If you don't know, check the outputs with a multimeter.

        If the amp is on, and not in protection mode, then it's either sending a signal and it's not being played because the subwoofer isn't properly hooked up, or it isn't receiving a signal from your head unit to output. First check your RCAs. Make sure are all properly connected in the correct spots. Then check your subwoofer to make sure something didn't rattle loose or mistakenly not get reconnected.


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          i dont think its protection mode because the power light on the amp is would turn red if it went into protection...could my headunit be messed up?...if i used a wire that wasnt giving enough juice or didnt give enough could it screw the headunit up?


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            k just checked with the amp manufacturer ZAPCO..they said if the amp light is green then it is fine, if it went into protect or wasnt working correctly it would either blink red, or stay red consistantly...i checked the fuse panel in the glove and it was going to check the fuse panel in my hood..anyone know if there is a fuse for the factory amp?


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              Hey, which DVD player is that ?


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                hey got it all workin now ...its a Bravo SD-20USB...deciding to sell it though if you wanna make an offer...goin back to the carputers