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Car PC at my home bar???

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  • Car PC at my home bar???

    I have a car pc in my car - but that is the same one I had installed in my previous car about 2-3 years ago. Haven't really kept up on current technology or software at all.

    So if I were to build a system for my home bar (rather it be compact to preserve space) what does anyone know what would be the best software out these days for that?? Also - my car has an M10000 - which was kick *** when I bought it - but now it looks like thats an obsolete board. Holy crap, I have to start all over again with my research.

    I just need capability for mp3 music and video. I still use frodoplayer in my car, but there appears to be a boatload of new software out there. Been checking out the various touch screens and I don't see Xenarc around at all. Whats up with that? My Xenarc is still going strong after 3 years.

    Has anyone done this - used a car pc at their bar to control music and video?

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    There have been a few kitchenPC threads using the itx form factor. I haven't seen a bar one, but I don't see why not.

    YOu could just buy a new car system and put the old car system by the bar.

    Someone made a recipie plugin for RoadRunner so you could store all your drink mixes and such on it.

    As far as Xenarc goes, they are still around and kickin'. Lilliiputs just seem to dominate because they are cheaper. Xenarcs are still there though. In the store, on eBay, everywhere!
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      i'm researching an inwall design for my kitchen (you can search OT for my name and it should be at the top of the search results) I'm planning on using a cheaper screen then my xenarc because it's nto going to be abused as much as it does in the car and if something happens and wet hands touch it, it wont be as big of a financial hit when i have to replace it. I'm also sticking with the m10k because it's fine for what i need it to do. for the psu, you dont need an expensive startup/shutdown controller so you can use the 'pico' psu that is tiny and gives you 200w. i think there are others out there that you could use as well. i just have to figure out a what wahl-wart (sp?) to use to get the 12vdc to the psu.

      i'm up in the air about which front end i'm going to use, probably roadrunner because of it's vfd plugin capability. for the audiocard i'm strongly considering the modded silverstone usb dac.

      speakers... i'm thinking about using some tiny monitors (either zaph audio 3" full range or aura 2" gangbox speakers from madisound) then I'll just add a small sub (have a bunch of eu-700 6.5" subs laying around) and should have a pretty good ambient music setup (nothing that i'd crank too loudly).

      as an added feature i'm going to ad an imon vfd. this will give me a nice tactile volume knob, remote control and a cool vfd display screen as well.
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        for the psu, you dont need an expensive startup/shutdown controller so you can use the 'pico' psu that is tiny and gives you 200w
        hint hint either of you...Look in my forsale thread for a cheap PSU.
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          Maybe another option....

          Have you heard of the XBOX running Xbox Media Center (XBMC). It's a lot cheaper than doing a whole new computer if all you want to do is MP3, Video, Pics.

          I have 2 XBOXs setup this way at home and I can stream music, movies, pictures and more from my pc to either one of them. Just giving you another option.
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            very cool guys - thanks for the info, Scott. Was pretty helpful.
            I have a powered Klipsch sound system I am going to run off this. It sounds awesome just playing off my Zen, so it should be fine off the bar-pc.

            The Xbox is a sweet idea, but I'm not a console guy at all. I am a software engineer and wanna use an actual pc to run some of my own software as well.

            I am still currently building the bar - so the pc won't happen til march or april, but I figured I'd better get my specs down.

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              the coolest part of this idea is even if u dont need it id add a drink making program in


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                NO men, you can put a carpc in a bar, but you can do a BarPc
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                  Don't complicate it. Paying premium dollars for a mini-itx setup in order to save a few inches and use a little less power is silly for in-home applications. I bought my kitchen pc for dirt cheap on Craig's List. I put media center on it along with 200gb of MP3's.


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                    Wow - its been a year - but I thought I would update this thread I started... My BarPC is installed and works great!

                    I basically used the old m10000 board with a new case and added a 15" touchscreen I got off of ebay.

                    Car: 2000 Audi A4 Avant 1.8t
                    Carputer 2.0: removed. Back to stock.


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                      i like it! i really like it! nice implementation of the a great idea. that is a nice looking and well stocked bar. the remy martin xo is fine choice in cognacs although i really like the remy martin 1738 a bit better.

                      i have been toying with this idea of a kitchenpc but i'm curious about other applictions aside from the obvious audio, video, and web stuff. this begs the question, what will you be using your barpc for? are there any specific applications or desired features that made adding a pc the best solution?

                      a bit OT but how do bars fare as far as adding value to a home?


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                        Looks like you've already got it done, but you may want to consider using Linux MCE. For Windows front ends more suited for what you are doing, look around on but be careful.... you could accidentally end up with a new hobby. When you get in to Home aoutomation, you can do almost anything with a PC.... lock the doors, arm the alarm, start a movie, dim the lights, water the yard......


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                          dang pretty sweet bar! can i come over? haha
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                            Looks good for sure. Nice work
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                              thanks guys

                              sedtc: I am using the barputer mainly for music, but it has internet so I have found myself looking up drink drink recipes a lot. Yeah I have stocked the bar well - mainly because I had a wedding there last July with a fulltime bartender, and I wanted him to be able to make anything. I built that bar, by the way. Woodworking is hobby of mine.

                              Crooked Toe - you are only 1.5 hours away! C'mon up!
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