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  • Porting New Software

    Any budding programmers/developers that can have advise on how to remove and existing software from a GPS unit and install something decent?

    The current GPS that I sell runs a software called TurboDog with Tele Atlas maps and ideally wanted to get Route 66 or any other decent software.

    Really struggling now so would appreciate any help guidance or even better someone to have a crack at it! I've had a number of people try and fail so anyone up for a challenge?


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    What gps is it? Most gps units work independent of the software, unless it is the type built in to a car or a commercial stereo/nav unit. Does this gps output NMEA data? If so, it should be able to work with any software, like iGuidance, Street Atlas, etc.


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      The unit is imported from Hong Kong and is called Car Car

      Ideally I would want the entire software wiped off the current unit and replaced with a decent version of software/maps. Unfortunatly this is proving quiet difficult.

      However i do know that the application on the SD card is called autoguidance. If i take a copy of a tom tom SD card and rename the application to autoguidance then i can get the Tom Tom menu systems to come up on the car car unit. However I cannot get the GPS to work.

      Any ideas? I'm not technical.


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        If they are WinCE You could probably run Route 66 on those, selling them is a tad illegal unless you sell them the software too though, which then makes the Units expensive.

        IIRC you need to use activesync to install it to the PNA.

        Looks like a rip off of a TomTom Go to me
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          They do run on WinCE and I've heard that you can get Route 66 to run on these units. I know the units come with activsync but how the hell do i get route 66 on the unit?

          They are sort of a rip off to Tom Tom in terms of looks but hey not everyone can afford a tom tom

          any pointers as to how i can get started?


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            Here is a discussion over on the gpspassion forum about changing the nav software on another WinCE based gps device. You can get an idea about how difficult it might be. I didn't read the whole thing, but it sounds like you need to modify the unit's firmware so that you can get access to the WinCE file system, in order to load new software. Good luck with that.

            When your unit does a cold start, do you see any type of BIOS messages, or any indications that WinCE is loading? Is it possible to disrupt the normal boot sequence and get into the OS?

            Basically, what you need to do is load the new nav software in place of the one that's currently loaded, and then find out how to access the NMEA stream from the internal gps module.


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              Porting new software

              When the unit starts up cold I dont see any Bios settings. It fires straight up and takes you to the navigation menu.

              really struggling to understand how i'm going to get this damm software on this unit.