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Visiontac GPS VGPS-700?

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  • Visiontac GPS VGPS-700?


    I'm looking into purchasing a Bluetooth GPS with a nice and clean look. I found Visiontac VGPS-700 on I really like the way it looks and I think it fits the bill for me.

    However, has anyone work with this particular GPS? How is your experience? Should I buy it?


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    I just bought the Visiontac GPS from I really like how the case is designed. I think it's beautiful. My friends who rode in my car always ask me what that cool looking box is. (It’s perfect opportunity to show your friend what your kick *** car comp can do.) Not to mention the device only weighs 33g (= 1.16 oz for those of u don't speak metric). There is really not much you can complain about this GPS.

    In addition, underneath that beautiful shell, it also comes with very user friendly functionality. Built-in lithium battery (850mAh) runs 8-12 hr by spec. I tested it during a road trip, it seemed to last forever. I did run into some Bluetooth pairing issue, but that was with windows’ built-in Bluetooth support. BTW, it sucks ***. As soon as I got BlueSoleil installed, it worked like magic.

    Its ability to track up to 20 satellites really impressed me. I was able to acquire enough satellites and start navigating in no time.

    I really enjoy how easy the auto on/off feature when used in cars. Using the auto on/off cable (included in the kit), it is able to sense when the car is started and turn itself on. And as soon as the car is turn off, the GPS turned itself off also. That really saves a lot of hassle. I just mount the GPS on top of the dash in a corner and I would never have to worry about it again. (PS. when u want use this feature in the car, make sure your Vistiontac GPS is in the off position. It would then turn itself on.)

    I coupled the GPS with MS MapPoint. I love it. MS MapPoint has turn by turn narration, it tells me everything. It made my driving so much easier.

    PS. Forget about buying it from I just recently found it cheaper on eBay. Check it out; I really love mine.



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      I also bougt one. It's really small and shinny. All my friends saw this one say wow. It has very good signal reception. I can put anywhere in my car. I can even receive the signal in my house without closing to the window. Nice product I would say. FYI I got it at 50% off with the coupon "prom". Nice deal for such small size receiver


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        Wow! I think this most be the biggest discount ever on a promo item... $99 after ximens' tip on the discount.
        This is kinda cool looking, I think this is better for someone with a PDA type of connection together with a carpc. I rather have mine hard wired.
        08 Lincoln Navigator


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          $85 on ebay...


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            i was looking at buying this too...looks great and all, but does it use a mini usb charger? so i can use my phone charger too if i wanted? thanks!