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GooPs 1.9.4 Released - Cursor Size, PointMarker, AutoView Rotate, bug fixes

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  • GooPs 1.9.4 Released - Cursor Size, PointMarker, AutoView Rotate, bug fixes

    GooPs version 1.9.4 Release Notes

    New Adjustable Cursor Size.
    3D cursor size can now be adjusted to your preference.

    Selectable AutoView Rotate perspective.
    The view perspective to the cursor can now be fixed at any angle (instead of just rear).
    "Free" mode allows you to set the perspective to any angle via the Google Earth navigation controls.

    New PointMarker feature draws a circle of a specific radius on the ground at every point
    on the track.

    This can be useful for applications where coverage of a specific area/width needs to be recorded and
    analyzed (e.g. field coverage or search and rescue). This feature can be very resource intensive.

    Track Point compression is now selectable.
    Up until now, GooPs has always compressed track points (thrown away redundant
    points). GooPs now gives you the ability to keep all track points
    received from the GPS (It may be helpful to turn off compression when using PointMarkers).

    RotateMinimum works again.

    Baud Rate can now be set to 1200

    Fixed problem with FTP client filename
    This was broken if the file had no directory path. It now works with no directory path.

    GooPs Google Earth GPS Tracking and Navigation

    Get GooPs!

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    Wow - great product!

    Hi Dave,

    Excellent product! I just put it and Google Earth onto an Acer Aspire Netbook, and I'm using the GPS dongle that came with a copy of Microsoft's "Streets and Trips". It seems to be working terriffic in Seattle WA!

    Question: I am flying to South Africa soon - do you see any reason that this would not work there?

    Q2: How do I resize the cursor? Can I import my own?

    Thanks in advance!