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Can IGuidance search by Name?

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  • Can IGuidance search by Name?

    I just got IGuidance and when looking through it havn't found a way to type in the name of what I am searching for. Is there a way for me to input the name of what I am looking for i.e. Best Buy and have it display the nearest location?

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    Hi taylor in the streert address screen screen you would type it in.. Unfortunately
    "Best Buy" Does not appear to be in the POI database.. I tried searching for best buy on mine after reading your post.. Now if i tyop in walmart or sears that showed up. Anyone else please correct me if i am wrong. Tayylor there has been some extensive research on this forum to improve the POI database in Iguidance but its just to d$$$ hard. There is a mod to use coordinates and to send youself a address from another pc ... lookinto these options for the limited poi database issues.

    Iguidance 3.0
    KIAs can have car pcs too..


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      Yea, the POI database is severely lacking in IG. If i really need to find something I'll call 411 and get an actual street address.
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