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Rikaline GPS Receiver 6010-X5 ~~ Anyone has it??

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  • Rikaline GPS Receiver 6010-X5 ~~ Anyone has it??

    Just saw this review from across the pond, but Im unable to find a US retailer to get an unit.
    It has the new SirfXtrac chipset which is supposed to greatly increase reception by using the low reception satellites.
    I found this description of the technology.
    o what is XTrac ?

    "XTrac is a firmware on the SiRF chipset that will boost the sensitivity of a GPS receiver. It does so by acquiring more signal from weaker satellites to help bring in a stronger signal giving better sensitivity in difficult areas. For example, a normal GPS may acquire signals from 4 satellites with the strongest signals to calculate your position. In the XTrac mode, the GPS will acquire signals from several more weaker satellites (e.g. total 6 satellites) before outputting a position. Thus, the better sensitivity."

    There doesn't seem to be too many SifrXtrac enabled "mouse type" receivers out there so I was wondering if anyone has used it in trouble areas like NY, or any other city with urban canyons.
    Any comments would be great!
    08 Lincoln Navigator

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    Although its not a "mouse type" reciever, i have been using an Xtrac reciever for a couple of years now. Never had problems either using memory map out in the country or sat nav in central london and all over England/Wales, i can even get a 3D fix inside my house. Same chipsets as far as i can see, so any differences would be in the implimentation/build quality of the unit. Hope it helps a little with your decision, if you have any other questions i'll be happy to help!


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      Which model/type do you have? There doesnt seem to be many models with it. When driving in London do you ever get the maps going around in circles??
      08 Lincoln Navigator


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        Its a Fortuna Clip-on Bluetooth GPS reciever. I had no problems at all, I spent a few weeks riding a motorcycle to the north of england and back every day not so long ago. I would wear the clip-on on its lanyard round my neck, put it inside my leathers with a jacket on top, stuff the pocket pc in a pocket connected with bluetooth and just rely on voice guidance from TomTom....never got lost once, thats a pretty blind test i think It comes with a USB charching cable that you can plug into the included car and house plugs, so you can charge it anywhere. The battery is the same as a Nokia although the nokia wont last as long.....but they are cheap as chips so you can afford a couple And you can use it with any device that has bluetooth, PC, PoketPC, Phone, Palm etc. The two things i like about it most are that its completely portable between devices/vehicles, and it has its own power supply so its not draining my pocketpc battery! Take a look at the review here


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          Fortuna Clip-on Bluetooth....tried to post a link earlier but the post hasnt appeared! you can see a review on pocketgps world. no issues in the city or country...


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            Im not into BT devices,, I need mine hardwired anyway...
            Sounds like a good one to have though..
            08 Lincoln Navigator