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GPS Unit and In-Dash monitor

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  • GPS Unit and In-Dash monitor

    Is it possible to get a decent GPS to display on my in-dash monitor? Like a receiver that has video out or something along those lines which will plug into the video in of my monitor.

    If so, what are my options without getting a complete CarPC? As I can't do that for quite some time. Would be good to be able to switch between DVD and GPS for now until I have the ability to build a CarPC later on.


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    you can get a TomTom or Garmin unit with like a 2.5"-3.5" screen. Those just suction cup to your windshield. There's some hacks out there for them too where you can load them with videos and mp3's.


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      I'm not really after one that will be on my windshield.. Just after one that I can hook up to the 7" Monitor that is already installed in my car. And hide the GPS unit itself away somewhere out of view.


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        The GPS module is the same as a mouse or keyboard. It only provides the input to the computer. It is the compuer that processes the data and outputs it to a screen. Unless there is an integrated gps/processing module with some type of VGA/RCA/Composite output to throw it on your screen, you're going to be out of luck
        I installed my carpc into my pet Kangaroo, mate.


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          Cheers, looks like I'll have to wait after all