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GPS Receiver that wors with Pocket PC & CarPC??

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  • GPS Receiver that wors with Pocket PC & CarPC??


    I want to get GPS navigation for my car, but I am not ready for a full CarPC yet. Is there a GPS receiver you can think of that will work with my Dell Axim X30 Pocket PC for now, but would be able to be reused when I build my CarPC?

    The Pocket PC has Bluetooth, SDIO, 802.11b, and it runs on Windows Mobile 2003SE.

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    Do you want a bluetooth unit or a hardwired unit?

    I have a basic serial GPS hardwired to the car computer as well as a bluetooth Holux GPSslim236 that I can use with my iPaq PDA over bluetooth as well as with any bluetooth computer. Any bluetooth unit you should be able to use with both, but for a permanent solution in the car once you get there I'd recommend a hardwired serial unit (less issues when coming in and out of hibernate/standby).

    If you get a normal serial unit you should be able to find an adapter cable that lets you use normal serial devices with your Axim PDA, just do a google search. Not familiar with that specific unit but most pda's I've seen have their little connector at the bottom and it's just a matter of finding that right adapter cable for it.

    If you want a GPS that'll work with both I'd stay away from USB units. Though they are simple to use with a normal computer by just plugging into a usb port, I doubt you'd be able to get it work with your Axim, plus I have a lot fewer problems with good old serial devices.
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