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gps decisions on software and interface

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  • gps decisions on software and interface

    Hi, i'm just starting to build my car pc.

    I already have a fresh hardrive of xp with delorm software and usb gps that i know how to use, but with keyboards and mice.... (i bought it for my laptop and it works great, it lets me install on other computers and simply switch the usb gps unit to any computer,
    I plan on getting a 7 inch touchscreen. is there a touchscreen friendly way to use delorm?
    just like how gamers can mod games like half-life, there should be someone out there modding nav software to make it touchscreen friendly.
    if not, could I just use a different nav software like the microsoft streets?

    I'm a total newbie to car computers and touchscreen lcd's.
    does streetdeck run on windows

    basicly, what are my options.

    thanks alot,