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BU-353 suddenly stopped working in iGuidance :(

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  • BU-353 suddenly stopped working in iGuidance :(

    Hey guys,

    I've been running my BU-353 on iGuidance for months now, and now it suddenly stopped being detected (I have to unplug and plug it back it for it to work...)

    the right COM port is selected and all the settings are right, i just dont know what to do at this point... I hibernate properly (like ive been doing for months) and it still doesnt show up, i've even done multiple restarts and tried different ports (its a virtual com port that always show up as COM 5 so i dont think that even matters) and it STILL doesnt work

    Please help!!



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    are you using xport??
    first try to disable it and use the actual port that is connected..
    if it works download the latest xport version, it fixed some isues initializing BU353.. I was having problems myself, the latest version works fine


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      whats xport?


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        a program to create virtual com ports (a port splitter) a way of connecting your gps into say port 4 and then split that to say com port 10 and com port 11..that way you can use your gps in 2 different software (eg. RR + iG)..
        search the forums..
        how do you create a virtual port then???

        ok i understand.. port 5 is created when you plug in the GPS..that is what you ment by virtual port..

        i guess your only bet is to uninstall and reinstall the prolific drivers..these are known to cause problems and stop functioning somethimes search here..and download an updated version..
        le us know