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etrex legend Cx USB issues

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  • etrex legend Cx USB issues

    I am helping out a it isn't mine...

    How...or can you...use this USB version with a standard GPS program that is looking for a com port?

    Should the drivers install a com port emulator or something?

    Is anyone using this with GPS software?

    Thanks...BTW I did search...but going back to 2002 didn't see anything remotely resembling this issue...however if a link is out there please let me know.

    also...yes all the appropriate drivers have been loaded.
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    Ripped straight from the Legend Cx's manual on Garmin''s website:
    "You can connect your eTrex to your computer using the PC/USB connector cable. This cable is provided as an accessory with the Etrex Legend Cx . . ."

    "The USB drivers are automatically installed when you installed the MapSource Trip and Waypoint Manager software that is provided with the eTrex Legend Cx. Garmin USB drivers can also be downloaded from the Garmin Web site at:"
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      Yup, got the drivers loaded as already mentioned...but software looking for a com port seems to be the issue.
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