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Google Earth with VIA EPIA EX10000

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  • Google Earth with VIA EPIA EX10000

    I have tried using google earth in my carputer and it works properly with a small zoom. But when I do a big zoom the map begins to blink and sometimes I can see it, but when I move the cursor of the mouse the map turns black. It seems like when google earth begins using the 3D acceleration (to represent mountains and so on) the software cannot handle the video card.

    I have a VIA EPIA EX1000 with 512 DDR2 and the movement and control of the map is pretty smooth, so I think that is not a problem of the application requirements. Also I have looked for the last drivers of the mainboard but it have not fixed anything.

    Anyone knows what could be the problem? or, anyone has used google earth in VIA based systems??