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Copilot Navigator 9: compatible GPS receiver/antenna?

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  • Copilot Navigator 9: compatible GPS receiver/antenna?

    Anyone know of an inexpensive compatible GPS antennae or receiver that I can use with Copilot Navigator 9 software? I have the program on my laptop but my folks have the disks and hardware - and I donn't want to pay $70+ on ebay for the whole package when all I need is the antenna.

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    It works with the delorme unit that I have seen for $39 after rebate at Fry's.


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      I am pretty sure that it only works with the philips antenna that was included. It was supposed to revolutionize GPS, but... it didnt.
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        I know the older versions of copilot had to use there antenna, I think they did this to discourage sharing of there program, but I thought the newer versions did away with that but required you to register the version on one pc & then you couldn't activate it on another without contacting them... they started this around co-pilot 7 or was it live? I stopped keeping up with the latest versions though as Iguidance just seems better to me...
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          That must be only on "Live" version, since the GPS antenna worked on two different laptops for me.

          I'll have to check out that delorme unit - which model???

          . Thanks....