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Signal problems w/ BU-353

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  • Signal problems w/ BU-353


    I've had my BU-353 for a little over a year and i'm starting to notice some problems. First problem was during the winter it would never be detected on the CarPC. That problem was resolved when i realized it was just cold weather. Now sometimes when i get in the car and start up iGuidance, it doesnt detect the receiver. If i do a auto detect you'll see the map moving as i drive but sometimes it'll come back telling me GPS receiver cannot be found. Lately it just hasn't even been finding the GPS receiver.

    Now as of today i would get in the car and start iG and i would get nothing but red satellites and when i would find a satellite it would only give me at MOST 4/10. Now the GPS has been in the same spots it's been for quite some time. It's in my USB Hub running at 4800 on Com 8.

    Tomorrow im going to try uninstalling and reinstalling. If that doesn't work does anybody else have any other suggestions. I hope the receiver isn't about to die on me, that would suck.