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    how about using computer(notebook) tracking software (there are some freeware at I know a lot people use wlan with their carputers. And if you live in city there are a lot of open wireless network. If the car got stolen you can track it the IP address' location and report to police , I know this is not accurate and doesn't work all the time but it's free and better than not knowing where the car is.

    second idea is how about using those emerengy cell. phone which only calls police and a pager that has no monthly charge(charge by phone call) and make it work that if the car got stolen you can call the pager (maybe with special code) to trigger the cell phone to call and play recorded message . Police can track the cell. phone signal and knows exactly where the car is.
    This idea will cost some money but there is no monthly charge and it's accurate.

    What do think these idea?

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    There is ideas out there (some have been posted on this forum) about using cell phones for DIY autotracking with GPS similar to lojack.
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